Sunday, February 07, 2016

Project Quilting Challenge #3 "Thread"

Project Quilting Challenge #3 is "All About that Thread". 
I very cleverly named it "Stitch"! 
(38 x 10 inches)

(apologies for running into the side bar>>>>)

The little quilt below that I pieced in 2011 would have been perfect, however, the project you enter needs to be made completely in the week the challenge is issued. 

So I made some new letters and thread spools and put it all together.

I typically like to hand sew bindings, but for these small projects, I've been experimenting with machine binding using the blanket stitch and other decorative stitches. That's some hand dyed it!

After looking at the photos, I may go back in and add some more quilting to fill it out a bit. 
Buzz on over to Persimon Dreams and see all the entries and vote if you are so inclined. I think voting opens this afternoon sometime.

In other happenings around the DJ empire, handy hubs (aka Dude) fixed a sewing table for me. I had all but given up finding a suitable table to cut a hole in, but made one more pass through Goodwill and there it was! It 's a solid wood computer desk with a keyboard shelf. After cutting the hole, he repositioned the shelf to make it the proper height for my machine. 

After fitting the cut out piece to go around the machine, it was ready to test drive with LOVE letters. I was on a letters roll.

Works wonderfully! I made two of these into wall hangings and sent them to our daughters. 

One more thing to share. This little man needed a bear helmet, right? (Pattern here.) Oh, those toes!

I'm linking up to Whoop Whoop Fridays at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Show Off Saturday at Sew Can She.


  1. It's all beautiful, but that last picture takes the cake!! Whoop whoop!!

  2. Aw...your grandson is adorable in his hat, but look at those sweet little tootsies! How do you not squeeze the stuffing out of him? ;)

    Your Stitch project is so cool. Love the cone thread among the spools. I still use the mini "P" you sent me. It's under my mouse in the sewing room. Love it!

    I dunno...that heart motif looks like it'd need me to practice it a bit before attempting on a finished project, LOL. Yours is super cute.


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