Friday, June 08, 2012

Odds and ends

Do you use Color Catchers?

Color Catcher In-Wash Sheets

I don’t pre-wash fabrics when making quilts, so I like to have a way to protect from bleeding dyes when I wash them, at least for the first time. I washed these separately and threw a Color Catcher sheet in with each one.


The one on the left looks pretty much as it did before washing, but the right one collected quite a bit of dye.


Did you guess which one was from which quilt? Not too surprising that the red was the bleeder.


I also use Color Catchers when washing my hand dyed fabrics for the first time, too. Great product!

We arrived back in Tennessee from South Dakota late Sunday night. (I’m still worn out!) Usually we load up, put the pedal down and don’t stop except for the necessary things, but this time we decided to take a loop through the Badlands. See the one highlighted in blue? Badlands Map

Here’s a larger map to show where it is in the state. (The area we are moving to is north of Rapid City.)


The sky was so brilliantly blue that day…amazing!




I’d love to be there at sunset to capture some of the colors in a different light. Might be a nice day trip once we get moved.

My stash is packed, but my quilting fabrics and some other supplies aren’t going anywhere until I do! I consider them to be survival supplies…right up there with food and coffee.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 01, 2012

H2H and Blockapalooza finish!

Greetings from the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota! (Did I tell you I love it here?)

The quilts I made for H2H and the Sullivan Hills Quilt Auction are finished except for the crinkling! Please ignore the stray threads and “Yeller” hairs…they’ll get a good wash when I get back to Tennessee.

Confessions of a Fabric Addict

First of all, thanks to Sarah for spending so much time organizing this challenge. I’ll be linking up to her H2H “Show Off Your Quilts” post and you really should go see all the great quilts that have been donated. While you’re there, check out Sarah’s blog…you will be amazed at all this lady accomplishes!

I hope some little guy in New Orleans will like this. Since the original flimsy was pretty small, I added a border. 


My second finish is for the Sullivan Hills Quilt Auction. Sullivan Hills is a Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries church camp. The camp is located just a couple of miles from where I grew up and my mom and I would drive through the pasture to visit the lady who lived there. My brother and his wife, who now live on our old farm place, are the property managers for the camp.

 Sullivan Hills 2

When the owners of the farm passed away, their family donated the property to Lutheran Outdoors. We’ve witnessed the transformation from farm to this beautiful camp over the last several years. The little building (I think it was the milk house) is the only original structure left.

I finished the Block-a-Palooza quilt for my contribution to the auction. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! There is more about this quilt here.


What is it with cats and quilts? Yeller, the cat that adopted my in-laws a few months ago, was sure the quilts were meant for him.


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