Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May!

This is the Color Challenge palette for May. Perfect for summer! And it’s not even moldy food!

April’s palette

For many and varied reasons, I was not able to complete  begin   pull fabrics  think about the challenge for April. You can see what some other creative souls did with the April palette by visiting Judy’s blog. Thanks again, Judy and Vicki!

Speaking of May, when I was teaching music, the Maypole Dance was a favorite with the Kindergarten and First Grade crowds. It’s hard to beat the concept of pretty ribbons and walking in circles and trying to wrap up the guy coming at you in the opposite direction when you’re 5 years old. Except for recess…that pretty much wins every time.

Speaking of teaching, I was able to tour the brand new elementary school building where I was once employed in South Dakota. One of my best buddies is the P.E. teacher (one more year!) and she gave me a guided tour. I not only got to see the building, but a few of my old colleagues as well. As beautiful as it is, I have no desire to be back in that environment! Bless the teachers!

Speaking of South Dakota, we will once again be able to call the Black Hills home! This has been a goal for a couple of years and things are falling in place to make it a reality. We are extremely happy and grateful that we’ll be able to spend time with the people that mean the most to us, particularly Ashley and C. and Mr. DJ’s parents. Our permanent relocation will probably be in the fall, but we’ll be making short trips, as we did a couple of weeks ago to move things. The only down side is that our fifth wheel will be our residence until we make a decision about housing. Brrrr!


Speaking of housing, we continue to work on our house to get it ready to sell. We have a self imposed deadline of August 1st to get everything completed. You may be asking yourself, “Haven’t they been at this home improvement thing for a really long time?” I will answer this by asking, “Have you seen the movie ‘The Money Pit’ with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long?” It’s not quite that bad, but it will be all hands on deck until it’s wrapped up.

Speaking of hands and wrapped up, I have two quilting commitments to fulfill before I can pack up my sewing room. My Hands2Help quilt is in progress…please click on the button to learn about this great project.

The other quilt I’m planning is for a quilt auction for Sullivan Hills Camp, which is owned and operated by Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. The camp is located just a couple of miles from where I grew up so I have a bit of a personal connection. I’ll share more on that later when I have the quilt finished.

Sullivan Hills 2 Speaking of finished….bye for now!


  1. Lots of things going on in your life these days! The move plans are really coming along with some date to keep you committed. (as if you weren't already committed - lol)

    I love the photo inspiration for the May palette! Such fun colors!

  2. I'm happy for you, but sorry for me to hear that you are moving! Let's try to get together again sometime before you go......

  3. That's exciting news! I hope the move, and more importantly, the getting ready, goes smoothly!


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