Sunday, April 01, 2012

Things going on

..but not much sewing.

This tiny thing is the only sewing project I completed, or even worked on, for the last month. It had to pull double duty as my Project Quilting #6 Challenge (create something using a zig zag pattern) and the March Color Palette challenge. It’s approximately 12” x 5”.  I’ve named it “Mountain Reflection” because the world needs another mini quilt based on a mountain theme. :-/

zig zag 

I was able to use only my hand dyed fabrics without dyeing more. I couldn’t decide on the binding color, so I used both. The application was pretty easy and I think it’s a nifty effect.


March Color Palette

If you click on the above photo it will take you to the linky party for the Color Palette finishes for March and the top photo will take you to the Flickr group for Project Quilting.

Here’s the palette for April. What’s your first reaction? The story is over at Judy’s blog…funny stuff:) I do love the colors!

April Color Palette

So what has been taking up my time? O-n-g-o-i-n-g and t-e-d-i-o-u-s house fixer-upper tasks and way too many doctor visits and tests. None of the medical stuff is alarming, but all has to be dealt with. It was my first experience with a CT scan and it’s a good thing the tech warned me about the “pee your pants sensation” that comes with the IV contrast. So weird!

My poor Etsy shop is very neglected, so I was excited to have my little bowl in a front page treasury!


Earl Scruggs passed away and the music world lost a legend.  What a great talent! Mr. DJ spent hours in his youth learning Foggy Mountain Breakdown and some of his other tunes.

Earl Scruggs


Enjoy your day! I’ll be engaging in the super gratifying task of dispersing a mounded collection of soil and rocks to various alternate locations using a hand held excavating device and a single axle transporting tool. Wish you were here!!

image image image


  1. Amazing colors on that pie!

  2. Oh, I love your March piece.

  3. Love the 'yet another' mountain series!!! Will it continue with the moldy pie color way?

  4. That mini quilt is gorgeous. I love the way you put the colors in a direction that look like rays. The next palette for April is pretty cool too. Interesting to see so many dark colors in both the March and April palettes. That story behind the pie picture was funny, but not if you're the one to discover an old pie. Interesting choice for color inspiration.

    Hope those doctors' appointments haven't been for anything too serious.

    Front page Etsy feature?! Congrats, that's awesome! And it is a pretty cool bowl, btw.

  5. Had to laugh about your CT scan comment - I've had three in the past year and it doesn't get any less startling! And the first time, they didn't warn me about it.....

  6. So fimilar with your landscaping equipment, mine is a nice rust colored one. I have the combo package that came with a chain saw also. Good for those trees that you didn't have to pay for but didn't grow in the the right place. I love the colors in your quilt.

  7. I love your mountain themed mini! Nice work with that color scheme. My first reaction to the new one? "Ew," but not because of the colors themselves.

    Earl will be missed. He made the banjo cool.

    Love your description of yard work. Hope it went well. Did you need some Advil afterwards? (I would)

  8. I remember that IV contrast feeling. So unnerving. Just hope it all goes well. I laughed about your mountain comment. hahaha! What I loved about that mini quilt is the abstract play -- kinda if you squinted real hard and only saw planes of color. Great interpretation! Hugs!

  9. Your mountain themed quilt is stunning....really nice!

    sao in Midlothian, VA


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