Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pulling fabric for the Color Palette Chal….Oh look,a New York Beauty!

I had such good intentions for Saturday. Pull some fabrics from the stash for the February challenge, then do some work around the house.February-Figs-582x600

I chose some hand dyes and batiks. So far, so good.

Color Palette February2

Checked the values to make sure I've got a nice range. Okay.

Color Palette February

Time to get some chores done! But, my Google Reader was open and I was scrolling through my favorite blogs.

Read a few and left some comments. You know the routine.

Oh, a quilt-along! New York Beauty. Pretty! 


Looks like fun, but I have other priorities right now. Well, it certainly couldn’t hurt to search for a free NYB pattern. Just to look at it, you know.

Well, you probably know what happened. This is all I have to show for Saturday, after refreshing my memory on paper piecing. For all the good it did. I un-sewed a lot of seams!


The trouble was, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. On Sunday, I had to try a couple more blocks using the challenge fabrics. Suddenly it was Monday evening. I lost an entire day somewhere. Ye-gods! (Channeling my inner Zaneeta Shinn, my only college musical role)

NYB batik 4

NYB batik 3

Three blocks in three days. I’ll have to chew on that one for a while.

As there was a self imposed sewing ban for today (it is Tuesday, isn’t it?), I did get some necessary things done around here. But, I’m still thinking about that QAL. And the Marion the Librarian...


Marion the Librarian from The Music Man



  1. I love those blocks and your color palette fabrics are perfect!

  2. Those are such pretty blocks - I can completely understand how you could be distracted!

  3. ...must not click links...must not click links...

    I am readily distracted by every little thing lately (love your post title!). Your NYB blocks are kewl! Especially that second one with the curved geese, wow. You have some great fabrics pulled for this month's challenge!

  4. Figs... love the colors. Were the curved geese easy? I have a mental block with curves. I need to get over it.

  5. Ha, you are too funny! I love the stack of fabrics you pulled for your February challenge! I too saw that quilt along for that cool block, but I always have too much homework, so I was able to resist. Loving your blocks, so I'll live vicariously through your work.

  6. Great blocks and use of the color palette. I'm going to follow your link for the patterns. Love the curved geese.


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