Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Quilting Challenge #3 - Tool Time

drywall Project quilting 2

I knew I wanted to do something other than sewing or quilting tools, so this is my interpretation of finishing drywall. With pink mud. Because white mud on white drywall is no fun.

The metal part of the knife is silver leaf. I cut out the knife shapes in Wonder Under and fused them to the piece. The leaf was positioned over the adhesive, covered with a press cloth and ironed slightly to adhere it. It was difficult to get the press time just right so the leaf stuck properly. The first one was the best, possibly because the iron was cooler.

I’ve been trying to finish the binding on these small pieces by machine. For this one, I used a single layer of binding cut 1 1/4 inches wide and sewn on the back after pressing one edge over a quarter inch. It’s then flipped to the front and sewn down with a blanket stitch. The single binding is easier to manipulate for me than the doubled up kind, so this process works pretty well. I still prefer hand stitched, but I’d rather not spend the time for these challenges.

I added a personal message in the corner. Can you read it?

drywall close

“I’d rather be quilting”

Here’ the Flickr page for all the entries if you’re so inclined. Once again, there are some pretty amazing quilts!


  1. I love that you stitched in the words! I'd rather be quilting too! Cute quilt!

  2. Amen... I'd rather be quilting than doing drywall. Great piece... Clever!

  3. That's so cute, Vicki! And I bet you've been seeing a lot of that particular view lately.....

  4. What a cool art quilt! I love your interpretation, and all the great detail you added. Such a cool way to incorporate your remodeling project into your sewing and quilting.

  5. Very clever! I assume you're going to hang this on one of your newly mudded walls, right? The use of the pink for mud and the silver leaf is perfect, as is the quilted message.

  6. that is too cute!! It brings back memories of working too hard!! Love your colors!


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