Thursday, February 16, 2012

Loose ends

I’m just popping in with some things I’ve been meaning to share.

(Edited to add to Sarah’s Whoop Whoop Fridays.)

This is the Teflon sheet I mentioned here that I use for paperless fusible web. Walmart has two sizes and this is the small one.

teflon matteflon sheet

I’ve been making my own laundry soap since last summer.

laundry soapIt consists of:

1 cup Arm and Hammer washing soda

1 cup Borax

1 bar of grated Fels Naptha soap

I use a big tablespoon per load of laundry and it works really well.

I’ve seen different ratios of these ingredients, so it’s not an exact formula. You can grate the soap with a cheese grater or in the food processor which is what I do. The pictures show a double recipe that I made up today.  There’s no strong scent… just nice and clean! We’re also trying some homemade fabric softener made from water, vinegar and hair conditioner with pretty good results. I found both of these recipes at Pinterest and do not know the original source. Do you make any of your own cleaning products?

laundry soap3

A few more bars of felted soap. I used some wonderful lavender scented bars from an awesome Etsy shop.

felted soap Feb

This is a handy way to block bowls after they’ve been felted.

blocking felt bowls

You saw these crocheted bowls a week or so ago.

crocheted bowls

Here they are all felted up! I added a contrasting rim to the square ones.

square bowls

No sewing going on, but lots of trim and window frames are getting another coat of paint. I’ll be done with this soon!


  1. So that's the Teflon liner! Thanks for the photo and information.

    I made homemade laundry soap once or twice, but it was a liquid formula and it was rather messy to mix it all up in a five gallon bucket and then transfer it to milk jugs. Then it didn't exactly pour out, it glopped. But it did work well, as I recall. Your formula stays dry until you use it, right? And how much do you use per load?

    Love your felted bowls. Pretty good use of the pantry goods too! ;)

  2. Such pretty felted bowls! And no, I don't make any of my own cleaning supplies - that would take more time away from quilting!

  3. I have the ingredients for the soap, but only the liquid recipe. Can you share your powdered formula?

  4. I may have to try the laundry soap. Does it work ok with cold water?

  5. I love your felted bowls. Makes me want to go dust off my yarn and sticks. I have lots of wool yarn.

  6. You can use an oven liner? Makes total sense, I just never realized that would work. Now I want one!

  7. Love the felted bowls! Great job! Whoop Whoop!

  8. I would love to try the laundry soap, thanks for the recipe. I have terrible allergies to most detergents and this might be the perfect answer. LOVE your bowls!!

  9. Thanks for sharing all your tips! I love your felted soaps and bowls. Great colors.

  10. I love the felted bowls. I crocheted a hat for my daughter and felted it, and it didn't even fit her doll afterward! Hehe! I haven't had the heart to try it again. Yours are so pretty.


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