Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Color Palette Challenge for January

The first of the month I decided to participate in the Color Palette Challenge sponsored by Vicki Welsh and Judy Laquidara. This is the palette for January.


Here is my challenge piece. It’s pretty small… 8.5” x 10.5”.  As planned, I used fabric from my hand dyed stash except for the purple, which is from a commercial batik. I enjoyed the process of making a little art piece, but I have a lot to learn!



The background and the binding were cut from two of the deconstructed prints I made back in November.

deconstructed prints

over dyed screen

This gave me an opportunity to try Mistyfuse which doesn’t have a paper backing like Wonder Under. To use it, you need a non-stick surface so it doesn’t fuse to your iron or ironing surface.  There are brands specifically made for applique, but being the thrifty (cheap) soul I am, I bought the one that is used in the bottom of an oven to make clean up easier. Walmart – $4.97 – in the baking section. It isn’t transparent, but it works like a charm.

Mistyfuse is lightweight and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your piece. Once I got the hang of using the teflon sheet it was great. No pulling paper off tiny pieces which sometimes makes the edges ravel. It also comes in white and ultraviolet.


If you click on the photo below, which is the February Color Palette, you’ll go to the linky party for all the January participants. image

I didn’t have time for Project Quilting last week since I’ve been up to my ears in more drywall finishing, hole patching and painting. The living room is finished except for another coat of paint on the ceiling. This house project is really cutting into my play time which gives me nothing much to blog about. February will likely be more of the same…my list is very long. The good news is that most of the jobs now are cosmetic and not structural like the kitchen remodel. My goal is to have all the painting done by the end of February. Wish me luck!

On a personal note, my brother Randy (the wheat farmer in Nebraska) is having some health problems and could use some prayers and healing thoughts sent his way. He had a heart attack yesterday and had a stent inserted today. Apparently this isn’t the first episode he’s had, but always thought it was heartburn. If all goes well, he’ll get to go home tomorrow  - hopefully they’ll beat the snowstorm that’s brewing in Colorado where he had the procedure done. I’m afraid he has a long road of lifestyle change ahead. He’s overweight, diabetic and extremely stubborn. He’s also very lucky, because his Dr. indicated that many people don’t survive an attack like this one. If I thought a sister sermon would do any good, he’d get one.

Take care my bloggy peeps!


  1. It's beautiful! Love the February palette. Best wishes to your brother. Give him a sister sermon anyway.

  2. hugs and prayers for you and your bro. I love the february palette... don't you just love mistyfuse? I love the stuff!

  3. Your little birdie is beautiful! I hope your brother is going to be OK.

  4. What a sweet birdie! I love Misty Fuse too. And just go and give that brother of yours a good talkn' to. I'll say a prayer for both of you. Have fun with the new color palette this month!

  5. First up, prayers for your brother Randy! Sounds serious, so like you said, luckily the doctors were able to treat him. Here's thinking good thoughts for the changes he needs to make to get healthy.

    Your art quilt is fabulous! Of course, I love that you chose a bird composition. Love the background and pops of color you added. That stitching looks really cool in the close-up. The February palette is quite stunning! Any inspiration yet or ideas on what you're gonna do?

  6. Your piece is lovely!!!!

    And good thoughts for your brother...

  7. I love your little art quilt - very nice!!! And I'll put your brother on my prayer list. I've got stubborn relatives too - I know what they can be like!!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your brother's health issues. Hope he does well after his stent placement and maybe will change some of his habits for the better.

    Love the little mini with the bluebird!! Also appreciated the heads up on the Mistyfuse as an alternative to Wonder Under. Yeah, that peel off stuff can be a PITA. When I was doing the Lantern Bloom quilt, I remember pressing a whole bunch and nothing was fusing. Then I remembered you had to peel the dumb stuff first. Doh! At least it still fused after I figured it out.

    Since I don't clean my oven very often, I'm not sure what you're referring to, so is there a brand name? Not Silpat is it?

  9. Beautiful bird, I love the quilting and the background fabric is gorgeous! Sorry for your brother, I hope all will be well!

  10. Lovely bird and great job on the fabric! very nice work! oh, and thanks for your comment at Country Is As Country Does. He's pretty proud of that lamp ;)


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