Saturday, January 14, 2012

A few little things

Free pieced and quilted pillows – about 5.5 x 6 inches.


Mini pillows – applique with some machine embroidery


Winter forest scene


More crocheted and felted bowls – mint green


My photographer likes to add a little flora flair to her shots. ;)

Working on some new bowl shapes

red felted bowls

Free pieced wall hanging

love wall hanging

I may add some more quilting to the wall hanging even if it is after the fact. It doesn’t look quite finished to me.  Aside from that, it’s been very satisfying to have lots of small finishes.

Check out more good stuff over at Sarah’s Whoop Whoop Friday! Thanks, Sarah:)


  1. Oh, I feel like such an underachiever this week! Everyone's done such beautiful things - and yours are just great! The pillows are awesome - I love all of them, but especially the trees! The bowls are just yummy, and your wall hanging is beautiful! I agree that a little more quilting would make it look more finished - maybe some pebbling around the letters? It would really make them pop!! Whoop whoop!!!

  2. That's a lot of cool stuff! I really love the little bowls!

  3. Love, love, love them all! Your photographer is pretty smart with the flora. It really draws your attention. Are those bowls as soft as they look? Whoop-whoop!!!

  4. Adorable projects! I love those pillows, especially the winter forest scene! I wish I knew how to make these kinds of scenes with fabric and sewing. I adore all your felted bowls, especially those baby ones. So cool to see all your creative experiments!

  5. Lovely projects! Gotta love little projects and that sense of accomplishment and the chance to do something new on a small scale. Those little bowls are adorable.


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