Friday, June 08, 2012

Odds and ends

Do you use Color Catchers?

Color Catcher In-Wash Sheets

I don’t pre-wash fabrics when making quilts, so I like to have a way to protect from bleeding dyes when I wash them, at least for the first time. I washed these separately and threw a Color Catcher sheet in with each one.


The one on the left looks pretty much as it did before washing, but the right one collected quite a bit of dye.


Did you guess which one was from which quilt? Not too surprising that the red was the bleeder.


I also use Color Catchers when washing my hand dyed fabrics for the first time, too. Great product!

We arrived back in Tennessee from South Dakota late Sunday night. (I’m still worn out!) Usually we load up, put the pedal down and don’t stop except for the necessary things, but this time we decided to take a loop through the Badlands. See the one highlighted in blue? Badlands Map

Here’s a larger map to show where it is in the state. (The area we are moving to is north of Rapid City.)


The sky was so brilliantly blue that day…amazing!




I’d love to be there at sunset to capture some of the colors in a different light. Might be a nice day trip once we get moved.

My stash is packed, but my quilting fabrics and some other supplies aren’t going anywhere until I do! I consider them to be survival supplies…right up there with food and coffee.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 01, 2012

H2H and Blockapalooza finish!

Greetings from the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota! (Did I tell you I love it here?)

The quilts I made for H2H and the Sullivan Hills Quilt Auction are finished except for the crinkling! Please ignore the stray threads and “Yeller” hairs…they’ll get a good wash when I get back to Tennessee.

Confessions of a Fabric Addict

First of all, thanks to Sarah for spending so much time organizing this challenge. I’ll be linking up to her H2H “Show Off Your Quilts” post and you really should go see all the great quilts that have been donated. While you’re there, check out Sarah’s blog…you will be amazed at all this lady accomplishes!

I hope some little guy in New Orleans will like this. Since the original flimsy was pretty small, I added a border. 


My second finish is for the Sullivan Hills Quilt Auction. Sullivan Hills is a Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries church camp. The camp is located just a couple of miles from where I grew up and my mom and I would drive through the pasture to visit the lady who lived there. My brother and his wife, who now live on our old farm place, are the property managers for the camp.

 Sullivan Hills 2

When the owners of the farm passed away, their family donated the property to Lutheran Outdoors. We’ve witnessed the transformation from farm to this beautiful camp over the last several years. The little building (I think it was the milk house) is the only original structure left.

I finished the Block-a-Palooza quilt for my contribution to the auction. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! There is more about this quilt here.


What is it with cats and quilts? Yeller, the cat that adopted my in-laws a few months ago, was sure the quilts were meant for him.


Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, May 05, 2012

A flimsy and easy-peasy block tutorial

The top for my H2H quilt is finished although I may add a border to make it a little bigger.

H2H sports

The blocks are super fast to put together! It’s basically a log cabin using two different size strips. All seam allowances are 1/4 inch and I pressed toward the strips.

A 5 inch square for the center, a 3 inch wide strip and a 2 inch wide strip.

offset block 1

Place the 3 inch strip rights sides together with the 5 inch square and sew together along one edge. I use the full length of the strip…

offset block 2

..and cut it off after I’ve sewn the seam. Now press flat to set the seam and then press the seam allowance toward the strip.

offset block 3

Trim the edges even with the center square.

offset block 4

First step complete!

offset block 5

Add another 3 inch strip as shown here.

offset block 6

Press and trim as you did for the first step.

offset block 7

Continuing in the same manner, add a 2 inch strip, press and trim.

offset block 8

Add the last 2 inch strip, press, trim and you’re finished!

offset block 9

The sashing is a 2.5 inch width of print with a 1.25 width of solid on either side. I chose to offset the rows so they didn’t line up on top of one another.

H2H sportsa

I’m linking to Sarah’s Whoop, Whoop Fridays post…lots of great ideas over there! Thanks, Sarah:)

Wish us luck with the paint sprayer today…we’re painting exterior doors! Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Spoonflower fabric designs!

My long time blog friend, Terri, has designed some wonderful fabrics on Spoonflower …. they are scrumptious! She gave me permission to share them with you.

(Click on the button to go to her Spoonflower shop.)

Terri has also been designing patterns and she shares tutorials, recipes and lots of other inspirational goodies on her blog. I hope you’ll visit!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May!

This is the Color Challenge palette for May. Perfect for summer! And it’s not even moldy food!

April’s palette

For many and varied reasons, I was not able to complete  begin   pull fabrics  think about the challenge for April. You can see what some other creative souls did with the April palette by visiting Judy’s blog. Thanks again, Judy and Vicki!

Speaking of May, when I was teaching music, the Maypole Dance was a favorite with the Kindergarten and First Grade crowds. It’s hard to beat the concept of pretty ribbons and walking in circles and trying to wrap up the guy coming at you in the opposite direction when you’re 5 years old. Except for recess…that pretty much wins every time.

Speaking of teaching, I was able to tour the brand new elementary school building where I was once employed in South Dakota. One of my best buddies is the P.E. teacher (one more year!) and she gave me a guided tour. I not only got to see the building, but a few of my old colleagues as well. As beautiful as it is, I have no desire to be back in that environment! Bless the teachers!

Speaking of South Dakota, we will once again be able to call the Black Hills home! This has been a goal for a couple of years and things are falling in place to make it a reality. We are extremely happy and grateful that we’ll be able to spend time with the people that mean the most to us, particularly Ashley and C. and Mr. DJ’s parents. Our permanent relocation will probably be in the fall, but we’ll be making short trips, as we did a couple of weeks ago to move things. The only down side is that our fifth wheel will be our residence until we make a decision about housing. Brrrr!


Speaking of housing, we continue to work on our house to get it ready to sell. We have a self imposed deadline of August 1st to get everything completed. You may be asking yourself, “Haven’t they been at this home improvement thing for a really long time?” I will answer this by asking, “Have you seen the movie ‘The Money Pit’ with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long?” It’s not quite that bad, but it will be all hands on deck until it’s wrapped up.

Speaking of hands and wrapped up, I have two quilting commitments to fulfill before I can pack up my sewing room. My Hands2Help quilt is in progress…please click on the button to learn about this great project.

The other quilt I’m planning is for a quilt auction for Sullivan Hills Camp, which is owned and operated by Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. The camp is located just a couple of miles from where I grew up so I have a bit of a personal connection. I’ll share more on that later when I have the quilt finished.

Sullivan Hills 2 Speaking of finished….bye for now!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Things going on

..but not much sewing.

This tiny thing is the only sewing project I completed, or even worked on, for the last month. It had to pull double duty as my Project Quilting #6 Challenge (create something using a zig zag pattern) and the March Color Palette challenge. It’s approximately 12” x 5”.  I’ve named it “Mountain Reflection” because the world needs another mini quilt based on a mountain theme. :-/

zig zag 

I was able to use only my hand dyed fabrics without dyeing more. I couldn’t decide on the binding color, so I used both. The application was pretty easy and I think it’s a nifty effect.


March Color Palette

If you click on the above photo it will take you to the linky party for the Color Palette finishes for March and the top photo will take you to the Flickr group for Project Quilting.

Here’s the palette for April. What’s your first reaction? The story is over at Judy’s blog…funny stuff:) I do love the colors!

April Color Palette

So what has been taking up my time? O-n-g-o-i-n-g and t-e-d-i-o-u-s house fixer-upper tasks and way too many doctor visits and tests. None of the medical stuff is alarming, but all has to be dealt with. It was my first experience with a CT scan and it’s a good thing the tech warned me about the “pee your pants sensation” that comes with the IV contrast. So weird!

My poor Etsy shop is very neglected, so I was excited to have my little bowl in a front page treasury!


Earl Scruggs passed away and the music world lost a legend.  What a great talent! Mr. DJ spent hours in his youth learning Foggy Mountain Breakdown and some of his other tunes.

Earl Scruggs


Enjoy your day! I’ll be engaging in the super gratifying task of dispersing a mounded collection of soil and rocks to various alternate locations using a hand held excavating device and a single axle transporting tool. Wish you were here!!

image image image

Thursday, March 01, 2012

February Color Palette Challenge

Thanks to Vicki and Judy for sponsoring these challenges!
Edited to add to Sarah's Whoop Whoop Fridays! Thanks Sarah!
February’s color palette and my fabric choices. I have to say I love these colors!
Color Palette February2
I shared my ADD moment with New York Beauty blocks here. I’ve added two more blocks to the collection and plan to make enough for a wall hanging eventually.
color palette Feb2
Seriously, there are issues with me and completing projects lately. So just to call it a wrap, here’s a coaster! A little mindless piecing does a body good.
color palette Feb
This is the palette for March. What do you think? These are not colors I’m drawn to or would think of putting together, but that’s the point of the challenge after all.
For those of you who sent well wishes for my brother who had a heart attack, he’s doing well! I talked to him on the 27th (his birthday) and found out that he’s in a cardio rehab program for a few weeks and on an eating plan. He went back to taking score at high school basketball games right away, which is something he really enjoys. So, God willing, we’ll have him around for a while.
There was another birthday in the family. I’m the mother of a 30 year old! Amber made cake pops for herself:) Poor guy has a bit of a deformed eye, but he tasted fine! So did his buddies.
The birthday girl!