Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two quilts for Christmas

(Edited to add to Sarah’s Whoop Whoop Friday!)
I had the pleasure of making two quilts for Christmas gifts this year.
This is Ashley’s quilt from this Moda Bakeshop tutorial. This quilt was a joy from start to finish although I had a little trouble getting back into the free motion quilting rhythm. I haven’t done a full size quilt for a while. I used Terrain from Kate Spain. Beautiful fabric line!
The best part was… she was here to open it in person! My best present:)
Ashley’s husband, C., is a huge Notre Dame fan. As of this posting, he hasn’t seen his quilt yet since he spent the holiday with his family in South Dakota. I hope he likes it:) The tan color is actually more goldish. The letters were done in a free pieced style, but without the wonkiness. The “N” was a bear! Good thing there was only one.
notre dame
If I do another quilt like this, I’ll do things a little differently. The center logo was fused on and didn’t come out of the wash as flat as I'd hoped. I believe a lighter weight fusible would work better on such a large area. It may be possible to only fuse the edges, too, as long as it has some quilting lines to hold it down. I also think that pre washing the fabric might have worked better for this one. It still turned out okay.
Are you familiar with felted bar soap? It’s been a popular item on Etsy this year, so the girls and I thought we’d give it a try. I already had a little wool from a needle felting kit and found a local yarn store that carries a nice supply. We used ordinary, inexpensive bar soap. I needle felted the little hearts for some extra zip. This was fast, easy and kind of relaxing.  There are a zillion or so tutorials online to follow.


We made some little beads, too.
I threatened to felt Mr. DJ’s Irish Spring. He wasn’t amused…I can’t figure out why! Not like I’d make it pink or something.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Fun stuff you've been up to! I love Ashley's quilt! Nice job on the Notre Dame quilt too. Haven't tried free-pieced letters on anything yet. Looks like it could be tricky, but you did it very well! Felted soap? Interesting... Never heard of it until now.

  2. Love Ashley's quilt!! Great design and wonderful fabric. And I can appreciate all the work in the Notre Dame quilt, although being a longtime University of Miami fan, I'm not allowed to like the quilt so much! But I bet your son-in-law will love it!!

  3. Beautiful quilts! How wonderful to give these for Christmas gifts. My sister is a Notre Dame alumni, so she would LOVE that quilt.

    I've always been curious about felted soap. They are cute! But are they scratchy?

  4. Love Ashley's quilt. thanks for the link. I want to make that pattern. Beautiful.

  5. Great quilts, both of them!! Happy New Year!

  6. Ashley's quilt is adorable!

  7. I've come around to liking quilts with a lot of white this year. This one that you've shown is lovely!!

  8. Ashley's quilt is awesome. I love stars.

  9. Love the star qult. Some fun projects.

  10. wow i love the quilts!so great to find you on here. i am a professional textileartist from the uk! check out my current giveaway if you havebtime its one of my mixed media canvasses. jane xxx

  11. These are both wonderful!

  12. I have never heard of felted bar soap. I need to check this out. Your quilts are great! Really like the back of Ashley's quilt.

  13. The terrain quilt is beautiful! And I'm sure the Notre Dame quilt was a HUGE hit and helped lift his spirits after the ND bowl game.

  14. I absolutely love the ND quilt that you made! I was looking to make a ND quilt for my brother and I stumbled upon yours. I was hoping you could give me some pointers on how you went about making it. Especially the center logo! Thanks.


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