Thursday, December 15, 2011

Assembly required…


Some secret assembly stuff happening in the sewing room.

Terrain from Kate Spain. That’s all I’m saying for now.

Other items that are not so secret.

mini pillows

Some fiddly little applique with Make Life from Sweetwater.

mini set5

Mini pillows for my Etsy shop.

pillow s and s3

I’m getting pretty fond of Osnaburg.

winter pillows3

A mini tree brooch on it’s way to France. Merci beaucoup:)

pin tree2

A random silly fact about me: Christmas is the only time of the year I choose to listen to music. That may seem strange, but after 40+ years of my life revolving around all things music (teaching, performing, accompanying, church stuff…you get the idea) I flamed out in a big way.  It’s like Mr. DJ eating too many peas when he was a kid and being disturbed by them now. Maybe it was a mini mid-life crisis sort of thing.  Weird, I know. It still bothers me to have music playing in the car, but having the two musicians in the house play guitar or the string instrument du jour doesn’t bug me so much now. I don’t consider this to be a bad thing…. a personal paradigm shift perhaps.

However, I love Christmas music! I’ll listen to almost any genre and have had my Pandora holiday channels on shuffle for a few weeks. I wonder …just how many remakes are there of ‘Carol of the Bells’ and ‘Santa, Baby’? I did, after a few shuffle cycles, give a thumbs down to the Shotgun Shells on the Christmas Tree song, though.  To be considerate, I will not provide a link to that one.

Here’s one you might enjoy! Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Kids voices! Wonderful!


  1. I really like the look of the linen in your Christmas projects. Cute stuff!

    Interesting to know about your musical (or no-music) preferences. I would never have guessed, but I suppose it makes sense with the constant exposure previously. I get that way with certain musicians I'll be hot on for months and listen to regularly, and then months later, it's the last thing I want to hear. As for Christmas music, I'm the odd one. I don't really want to hear it until right before the day. That's pretty much impossible when you're out in public and it's playing everywhere (and I even hum along, so it's not like I'm cringing). But I'm not so big on playing it at home until the holiday is nigh.

    Hope your secret projects are coming along nicely!

  2. Those are cute. I used to be a big music listener too. Now it's rare. Those are some might cute projects you're working on!

    Greetings from Washington State!

  3. Cute projects! looks like you are having fun making goodies these days. How interesting that you don't like to have music on, except for Christmas music! Do you ever listen to Christmas music when it's not the holiday season? I have music on constantly!

  4. The pillows are very cute. Thank you so much for sharing the song. It was very beautiful.

  5. I love Christmas music too. Thanks for reminding me about Pandora. I'm going to be singing all day long!

  6. I love that Christmas Canon - I wish it had come out in time to use for my daughter's wedding! Your little osnaburg pillows are very cute - and that tree pin is just too cute! Can't wait to see what you're working on in Terrain - such fabulous fabric!!

  7. Very sweet projects! And the Christmas Canon by Transiberian Orchestra is one of my ultimate favorites!!!

  8. Those mini pillows are just adorable!

  9. Cute little applique pieces! And Love christmas music too! Can't get enough of it!

  10. Love your pillows the background fabric is great - have you dyed any of it?
    Really like the tree pin too.


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