Friday, November 25, 2011

Odds and ends

A favorite uncle of Mr. DJ’s passed away last week and we made a quick trip to Sioux City, IA for the funeral. This uncle was his dad’s brother and his mom’s sister’s husband which makes all the children of the two couples double cousins. As sad as it is to come together under these circumstances, it’s also very nice to see everyone and catch up a little.
We rarely go past the arch in St. Louis as Mr. DJ likes to take the bypass routes around bigger cities, but this time we went through on I-70. We didn’t care about stopping, but it was fun to get a closer view.
st louis arch

Remember this piece?
deconstructed prints2
This is after over dyeing it in blue all scrunched up in a low immersion bath. The patterns are very unpredictable.
over dyed screen
Four new colors from dyes that had to be used before they lost their punch.
jewel palette
A mixer cover to add to the shop soon.
mixer cover (2)
I can now knit across a row and back pretty well and have created a ..... rectangle! By the time spring gets here I could have an entire scarf.
Sarah’s knitting has mine beat! Head over to her Whoop Whoop Friday’s post to see what she and others are up to.


  1. Sorry to hear about Mr. DJ's uncle. Sending hugs your way on that.

    Re: knitting -- look at you go, superwoman! looks like you've got a scarf coming soon... Yay for you.

    Hope you enjoyed today's weather as much as we did. It was just plain gorgeous out today!

  2. Your knitting is coming along nicely! It's a great skill to learn - I haven't picked up knitting needles in probably 30 years, but it comes right back!

  3. Love the mixer cover and the knitting is looking pretty good!!

  4. Love your knitting piece and dying projects!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your husband's favorite uncle's passing.

    On family trips to La., we'd always stop at the Arch in St. Louis. My dad never let us ride to the top, though (and I was secretly glad for that). Your photo brought back good memories.

    Cool overdying result. Love those vibrant pieces below too.

  6. So sorry to hear about Mr. Dotty's uncle. But cool to see the famous Arch on your road trip.

    I love what happened to your fabric with the over-dying process. And what a great way to accent a mixer cover with those pops of color. Fun to see you're keeping busy creating and sewing these days!


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