Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 4: Orphan blocks

I don’t have a lot of UFOs, but it’s time to finish some things up. Tucked in among the bigger things were these little homeless blocks.

authentic pinwheel block

tree blocks

make fabric blocks

What would you do with them?


  1. Love your orphan blocks, especially those crazy patches at the end. Well, okay, I adore those Christmas tree blocks too! I usually piece mine into mini quilts. But lately, I'm working on making a set of orphan blocks a similar size so I can put them into one quilt.

  2. I'm storing all my orphan blocks together until I get enough to do a "mad mix" quilt top!!

  3. I'd put an orange border on the first one and make it a fall/Halloween candle mat or something for underneath the candy dish. #2, I'd make into a table runner and/or 3 separate gift bags. #3, a wall hanging. I love them all!


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