Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 11: How.. people blog every day? I’m at a loss here. I know I lead a fairly mundane life, but this is ridiculous. Maybe I should start sharing Amber and Vicki’s “Quote of the Day”.  These are one-line comments that come up in the course of ordinary conversation around here.

“You smell like a pig farm!” is today’s QOTD. Not one of our best, but it can change if a better one comes along. The rules are pretty loose.

Anyway, this is finished except for burying threads and washing.


I’ll share tomorrow in all it’s crinkly goodness! And it will give me something to blog about. Smile with tongue out


  1. It's hard to blog every day - I remember last year when I tried it in November! I don't think I could begin to keep up with it this year.... But you're doing well! And I love your QOTD!!

  2. my question is WHY? if you're not a reporter who is reporting on news, what changes that much from day to day? I haven't tried it; not sure I have the energy for it, unless I plan each day in advance.

  3. Looks like Fall! You're like me. You love the crinkly aspect of quilts.

    I need to get back onto my machine... Missing the sewing.


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