Friday, July 15, 2011

H2H quilt

Sarah has the Whoop Whoop party up! Check it out!

Ready to be a sandwich.

H2H top

The stained glass effect from the back is interesting.

H2H top back

I know your day wouldn’t be complete without more dyed fabrics!

batik 3

The squares were made with the end of a short piece of 2x2 wood dipped in the wax.

batik 1

The piece on the left has been through three different processes and will likely get a couple more layers. I’ve been experimenting with sodium alginate as a thickener and it may be used in the next application.

batik etc

Helen says Hey!

helen (2)


  1. u are on a roll! Love the multi-square print fabric in the clothesline photo.

  2. That is a great H2H quilt top! I love all the flying geese.

    That red with white rectangles in a square hand dyed piece is fabulous!

  3. What a fun quilt! I love how the blocks mirror each other diagonally. And I love the flying geese outer border, which frames the top quite nicely.

    Your new fabric pieces ROCK! Love them, especially the two in the fourth photo. Cool designs.

    Hi there Helen. Such a pretty kitty.

  4. Shoop Whoop! Love your flying geese flimsy. :)

  5. I LOVE your flimsy! It's so striking!

    Your dyeing is great too. I used aliginate for the first time in my last dyeing session. how fun!

    howdy back to Helen! {paws waving}

  6. Great quilt top! I just FOed my H2H quilt and I'm so happy. It's fun to see them coming together!

  7. So much fun eye candy! I love your flying geese quilt, and your fabrics are beautiful.... and Helen looks like she's a lot of fun! Send her to my house - I have lots of mice she can chase!!

  8. I love all the geese - that fabric never looked so good!


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