Saturday, June 25, 2011

Appliqued baby quilt

appliqued baby quilt

A friend asked me to make a baby quilt to give as a gift and we agreed on a design from a Flickr photo. The flowers are from this tutorial at the Don’t Look Now blog.  Misha (the Flickr girl) generously gave me permission to share the design that I snagged from her! Off topic, but if you click over to her Flickr page, you’ll see photos of a pileated woodpecker that did a header into her window and lived to tell about. They are amazing birds!

baby quilt applique2

I am pleased with how well the fabrics mix. Now to piece the back and make a label. I haven’t appliqued for a while and it felt good to put those skills back to work.

All waxed and ready to dye!

waxed patterns

waxed drops

waxed diamonds

waxed zigzag

Any color suggestions?

Check out what some others are doing at Sarah’s Whoop Whoop! party. Thanks for letting us share, Sarah!


  1. What a fun quilt to be making for your friend! Always a thrill when someone asks you to make something so special for them.

    It's cool seeing your waxed fabric ready for color! I love all those different shapes. It would be fun to see warm colors on those zig-zags, like red, orange and yellow, and cool colors on that tear drop shape. Whatever you do, these will be fabulous!

  2. bright colors!

    I love your take on a stacked coin quilt. That applique makes it so darn cute! are you going to echo quilt around the flowers like Kellie does?

  3. What a great quilt!!
    I am also thrilled to see that you do batiks.

  4. that is a beautiful quilt...thanks for showing us!

  5. What a pretty quilt. I love the ladybugs.

  6. Beautiful quilt. I love applique and you did a beautiful job.

  7. Aw! That is so CUTE! The applique just takes it to a whole 'nother level.

    I think the raindrop/watermelon seed shape would look great on a stormy-looking blue/gray or (going with the watermelon seed thing) a bright pink (literal much, P?). The squares I can see on an aqua background...or tan? I'm sure you'll come up with something much more stunning than I can imagine!

  8. love the baby quilt, nice job!

  9. Whoop whoop!! You've been a busy girl this week!! Your quilt is beautiful, and you're just becoming a dye-ing fool, aren't you!! Can't wait to see what your next batch of fabrics looks like!

  10. Very cute quilt... I especially like the appliqué.


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