Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flowers and fabric






iris purple3


iris purple2


iris purple


This grows along fence lines everywhere and is so fragrant!


I spent part of Mother’s Day dyeing more fabric. The strips and squares are scraps of Kona white and are not PFD.

hand dyed fabric 4

The only piece of PFD fabric I had left is in the center of the photo below and was laid flat on a piece of plastic to dye. The other fabrics are either Kona white or a good quality bleached muslin from my stash. This was just playing around to see how the colors blended and how to scrunch and fold for different results.

hand dyed fabric


hand dyed fabric 2

All of these colors came from various combinations of Dharma’s fuchsia, turquoise and lemon yellow Procion dyes.

hand dyed fabric 3

I should receive an order this week with some additional fabric and dye to try a few more techniques. This is becoming an addiction!

WARNING!! If you’re squeamish about insects you can skip the rest of this post!

It’s hatching time for the 13 year cicadas here in the south. They’re creepy things and the exoskeletons are everywhere. As I was taking pictures of the honeysuckle I noticed their ‘remains’ on the leaves. These shells are empty.



This is the critter that comes out of shell.


They’re ugly things! Click for a closer look if you really want to. I like bugs just slightly more than I like reptiles and rodents. I’m not really scared of any of them, but I’d rather keep my distance.

cicada 6

I feel bad to leave you with that image, so here’s something prettier!



  1. Lovely flowers, but you've got some weird bugs! That is creepy to find their exoskeletons lying around.

    I adore your fabric dyeing project! I totally want to try that. These new pieces are fabulous!!!!

  2. I left TN in the nick of time. Cicadas... yuck. I remembner the last time this brood hatched they were everywhere and piled 6" deep on the shoulders of the interstate. Hope they're gone by memorial day weekend.

    I. Hate. Cicadas.

    The flowers are beautiful. Monday I got a whiff of Manchester's Honeysuckle and blackberry blooms in the sunshine. Instantly put me at peace. Just what I needed after last week.

    Dyeing fabric... I need to come over to play with you!

  3. I feel like you do about bugs. Ew, ew, and ew. Just how big are those things, anyway? They look ginormous.

    Your poppies, irises, and dyed fabrics take me to a happy place, though!

  4. I was living in Virginia many years ago when the cicadas emerged. I was completely caught off guard. I found the most annoying thing was that when they first came out of their shells and started flying, they looked for the nearest tall thing. The kids in the neighborhood, including my daughter, loved the little exoskeletons that were left behind. They would gather them and stick them all over their clothes with the sticky feet. All we could do was laugh. It was a very interesting experience.

  5. Oh joy - they've started coming out while we're out of town. Maybe they'll be done before we get home........

  6. Your dyed fabrics are lovely. Would love to try that someday. Those bugs are all over our yard here too. Found one in the living room where the dogs had brought in the empty shell - yucky.


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