Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here are some pretty irises to distract you from the fact that I don’t have any photos of sewing accomplishments to show you.


I made 6 blocks for Margaret’s Hope Chest and mailed them. I forgot to take pictures.


iris 3

I sent fabric to my H2H partner, Megan. I forgot to take pictures.

two toned iris

I finished the sheetrock and painted the new mudroom. It’s not worth taking pictures of painted walls. We have a couple of cabinets and flooring to install before it’s finished anyway. I painted a lot of other stuff, too. B-o-r-i-n-g!

two toned iris 3

Speaking of cabinets, did I mention we purchased our new kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s and they’re stacked in the basement. Installation date to be determined. Translated - If other things would stop breaking, we might have time on the weekends to work on these endless projects!!

We’ve used Lowe’s stock cabinets before and were very pleased with them. Of course, custom made are wonderful (we’ve had them before, too), but completely out of the budget right now. The hickory finish was our first choice and they were on sale a few weeks ago so they were a little less expensive than the oak.

Stemless Evening Primrose

I believe this is a Stemless Evening Primrose. I don’t remember seeing this one last year.


This is Ashley, our Denver daughter who was here for a few days. She’s modeling a feather extension for Amber’s Etsy shop, Amethyst Sunflower.


This is Amber modeling a feather headpiece for her shop.


This is Two Twenty Something Peas in a Pod with their real hair just being, you know, real.


Oh, look! This white iris just bloomed this morning!

white iris

You didn’t even notice the lack of anything sewing related, did you? Mad Jedi skills have I!

I have a new project cooking this week. Maybe I’ll remember to take some pictures.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finally finished (Edited for Friday Whoop!)

Before I get to the quilts, I want to let you know about a Challenge/Charity Swap. Today is the last chance to sign up and there are prizes!  The sign up time is over and there are 48 participants! Well done and thanks to Sarah for all her hard work! 


Speaking of Sarah, I’m linking this post to her Whoop! Whoop! Friday sharing session. (See the sidebar for the link --->)

Last fall my niece asked me to make quilts for her three children. We brainstormed color schemes and design possibilities and I got busy ordering fabric and sketching. They’re finally finished and ready to go to Texas!


Kirstyn 4

Kirstyn 2 (2)


Karson 5

Karson 3


Cars with a built in road system!

Gino 2

Gino 3

A little personalization was stitched into each quilt.

Their name, the year and my name. You may be able to click to enlarge in order to see better.

Kirstyn close

Karson close

Gino close

I have good help! Since I have a soft spot for barn quilts, Amber thought it would be appropriate to have shed quilts.

Amber hanging quilt

Amber hanging quilt 2


Amber’s blog is here. You can see what goes on inside the shed!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Brown Bag finish..

just under the wire! The challenge was to trade 2 yards of “ugly” fabric with a partner and make a quilt using 90% of the fabric and adding whatever we wanted from our stash. We could purchase one fabric if needed. The deadline was April 1st at midnight. I submitted my photos just before 8 pm!

Tuesday evening

 Brown Bag Since I had very little time left to pull it together, I gave myself 30 minutes to come up with a design, deciding on a cross pattern. The fabric need a whole bunch of lightening and brightening, so I consulted the Color Scheme Designer for some assistance and dug into my stash.  I liked the two purples and used them for the bigger pieces and cut the other two into strips for the cross parts. There were many strips left, so they were sewn together to make a large square for the back. What remained of that process became the front border and the floating strips on the back. I purchased only the fabric for the binding which was within the guidelines for the challenge.

Photos in the dark Friday evening!

brown bag 4

brown bag 2

This shows the violet binding a little better.

brown bag 5

Making this quilt from start to finish in three days forced me to make quick decisions. Some I’m happy with and some not. Learning every day! The Challenge has a Flickr group with some really nice finishes. This one is amazing!

Click on over to Sarah’s blog to join the Whoop! Whoop! fun. Thanks, Sarah!

I quilted another quilt this week and will finish two more next week and have them ready for Whoop! Day if all goes well. I’m on a roll so I’d better keep rolling!