Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finished Block-a-palooza blocks!

Block-a-palooza blocks are finished!

Block 13

block-a-palooza 13

Block 14

block-a-palooza 14

Block 15

block-a-palooza 15

Block 16

block-a-palooza 16

All together!

blockapalooza all blocks

The Flickr group is loaded with inspiration! I have a few more things in the works, but I’ll wait to share when they’re closer to completion.

See what others are sharing over at Sarah’s place. Thanks, Sarah!!


The torture machine is getting a little easier.


I’ve taken 2 minutes off my mile in the two weeks since I started, which is not an impressive time by any means, but good for me. I’m working through some really rusty old kinks in the bones!

Bradford Pear trees are among my favorite spring sights in Tennessee. This one is in our front yard.

bradford pear tree

If we were back in South Dakota, this would be a sure sign of spring!


Red-winged Blackbird

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  1. My blocks are done too! I'm so proud of us - your color choice is so gorgeous. Miss seeing those Bradford Pears. They are always so beautiful in the spring.

  2. Wow, look at all those beautiful blocks! I bet it feels great to have them done - I'm so impressed.

    Your pear tree is SO gorgeous! I can't wait till our crab apple trees bloom. A sure sign of spring around here has been the robins and the bulbs peaking up.

    Good for you in keeping up with your torture machine, as you called it. Hilarious! Bet that feels good too!

  3. LOL... torture machine... you got it. YOu definitely get a whoop whoop for finishing all those blocks. I'm so behind.

    Spring is in sight... I'm excited!

  4. I love your blocks! I have an elliptical too and love it.

  5. Your blocks are beautiful, and it's going to be a spectacular quilt! Whoop whoop!!!

  6. Wow, they're fantastic! I just heard a redwing blackbird today for the first time this spring. Funny you should mention that.

  7. Your blocks and choices of color are just awesome!!

  8. Really love the pinwheel and flying geese blocks.


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