Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do you Pinterest?

From the website:

“Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.”

It also has the potential of being an amazing time waster. Not that I would ever do that.Smile with tongue out


It’s simple to create your own boards and save images to them. Here’s a sample of mine:


Install the Pin It button to grab images from websites or blogs. Credit is automatically given to the source.


Some pins from boards I follow:


If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can join through one of those or have someone invite you. I’m Vicki S and if you want to follow me, I’ll follow you back!

I’m off to take a spin on the torture machine, paint a couple of window frames and then pin baste two quilts. I’m going to throw a nap in there somewhere, too. Mr. DJ decided to play his guitar to try a new amp setup at 11 last night. This couldn’t wait until daylight? Tuesday night at 1 a.m, Amber sent a text (she’s house-sitting) to let me know the lost hamster had been found. Really? I value my sleep, people!

What do you have going on today?


  1. I am on Pinterest but I don't think I've pinned anything yet! Just haven't spent any time there yet. But I'm a follower of you now!

    Sounds like you have a busy day planned. I'm off to practice drawing before Illustration class tonight. Maybe I'll have a few minutes extra to squeeze in a little sewing. Happy day to you!

  2. It looks like fun, but I am deliberately not clicking the link now for fear it will suck me in! Maybe this weekend. Thanks for sharing (I think?). :)

  3. I am in Paducah, staying in a hotel just down the street from Hancock's of Paducah! Tomorrow we'll probably go to the National Quilt Museum before heading home (and maybe one more stop at Hancock's.... ;-)

  4. oh dear I'm not going there...looks like it would suck me in and hold me hostage for sure.


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