Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Another light bulb moment

I’ve been sewing a lot of flying geese blocks with the Block-a-palooza quilt-along. Along with discovering how to tame the curve, I also stumbled on another little handy tidbit. A lot of us like to save the corners that are clipped off when using the rectangle/square method of flying geese. I used to make a little pile of them and sew them into half square triangles (HSTs) when I had a few minutes. The process to me is pretty tedious and those tiny bias pieces can stretch like crazy. But I love those little HSTs and had to have a better way to stitch them up. Here’s what I did:

Begin as usual by drawing a diagonal line


Draw a second line 1/2 inch from the first

 geese 2

Stitch on both lines

 geese 3

Cut between the two lines

 geese 4

I press open to avoid the curve

 geese 5

Do the same for the other side

 geese 6

There you have it. Your HSTs are already stitched!

geese 7 

It’s probably not an original idea, but it’s new to me!

Here are Block-a-palooza blocks 9, 10 and 11.

block-a-palooza 9


blockapalooza 10


blockapalooza 11


  1. Everythings new to me. That last block is beautiful:)

  2. That is such an awesome tip - because I've got a whole pile of those little triangles that are glaring at me wishing I'd sew them up!! Now I can avoid that problem.....

  3. Great idea! And "press open to avoid the curve"...ding! Another light bulb for me.

  4. I love the colours you are using for your blocks and, like you, I have only recently discovered the extra half square triangle tip and itn't it a good one! Happy stitching!

  5. I'm dubbing you "Queen of the Geese"
    Bravo for taming the curve!!!!

  6. Neat tricks! For the Block-a-Palooza, you couldn't find any bright fabrics, so you went for the pastels, right? LOL! Love them!

  7. I love your lightbulb moments! I save those extra little triangles too, but never know how to reuse them. This is a perfect tip!

  8. These Poodle blocks are really coming together amazingly. Great job!

  9. Thanks for your tutorial...very neat idea!


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