Saturday, February 19, 2011


Just a quick update so I can link to Sarah’s Whoop Whoop post!

Are you tired of Block-a-palooza yet? Here’s block 7..

blockapalooza 7

and block 8.

blockapalooza 8

I decided the “K” quilt wasn’t quite long enough, so I added a little to the top.

K quilt

It’s breezy in Tennessee today.

Back of “K”

k quilt back

Some blocks made for K’s little brother..

Gino blocks

and other little brother.

Karson blocks

The sport themed blocks are 15 inches square and the circles are appliqued onto them. When I started to center the circles onto the squares, I knew I needed to streamline the process or I’d be folding fabric in quarters longer than my patience would hold out! 

So I made a template from poster board.

sports quilt template

Placed it on the square.

sports quilt template a

Sprayed the back of the circle with adhesive and placed it in the cut out circle.

sports quilt template b

Removed the template and smoothed it out!

sports quilt template c

Easy peasy! They’re ready for applique.

Amber and I are going to the Flea Market in Nashville, so I gotta run! Have a groovy weekend! Peace

Flea market is next weekend and yes, we drove 50 miles to find out! Google is my friend.


  1. WHOOP whoop for you. Visiting from Sarah. Love the K quilt. I forgot the fleamarket was this weekend. My DH thanks you for reminding me. LOL

  2. Smart trick, but a couple days too late for me! I spent Thursday afternoon folding fabric in quarters in order to center 34 circles on squares :(

    Next time I'll remember this!

  3. Love those block-a-palooza blocks, especially the basket with the triangles! Clever idea to make a template for the applique.

  4. Cool blockapalooza blocks! You are keeping right up with the party.

    Love your K quilt too. Great idea to add that fab border to make it bigger.

    Thanks for the tip on doing a circle template for that block. It's a great way to feature a fabric that I don't feel like fussy cutting and piecing.

  5. Look at you go!!! I love the K quilt. looks great!

    I'm so behind on block-a-palooza.

  6. Wow, you got a lot done this week! Whoop whoop!!! I love the blocks, and your K-quilt is awesome - the back is great!! Great tip for the circle template - you ought to send that one to Karrie Lyne for her Tuesday Tidbits!

  7. Whoop! Atta girl, I'm impressed :-) Sarah inspired me to start my blog, so I can join in on the Whoop!-ing too. Next week, I'll have something to add.

  8. Whoop Whoop! K's quilt is great, love the back!!! The circles are really fun.

  9. what a great tip for the circle placement! i'm going to try that. :)


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