Saturday, February 05, 2011

Where did the week go?

I felt very productive this week, but don’t have a lot to show for it! My almost 80 year old mother-in-law is famous for saying “I just can’t work like I used to.” We like to replace the word “work” with whatever’s appropriate at the time. Last weekend it was “I just can’t carry drywall like I used to.” It has to be said with a straight face to have the correct impact. Then we laugh at ourselves hysterically. Don’t you wish you were here? You could help carry drywall.

Speaking of drywall, the remodel continues to plod along. At least the hard stuff is done, like plumbing (YAY!) and most of the new wiring. I’m so glad my smarter-than-normal-people-need-to-be hubster knows how to do all these things without flooding the house or shooting sparks out of his head. I finished the new laundry room (drywall tape and paint) and it may get a door today. The new mudroom needs another layer of mud and then paint, which I should have finished this week, but I just can’t work like I used to. Rolling on the floor laughing 

On the sewing front, I finished two more blocks for the Block-a-palooza quilt-along. There’s a Flickr group if you’d like to have a look.

Block 3

blockapalooza 3

Block 4

blockapalooza 4

Blocks 1-3

blockapalooza 3a


Here’s an applique block for another quilt on the design wall.



I hope to have this one finished and two more started this coming week. Wish me luck!

I’m linking to Whoop Whoop at Sarah’s. Go check it out!


In case you’re wondering, Helen has regained her cat door privileges. Apparently, not being able to bring live prey into the house put a damper on the game.





  1. Great blocks, Vicki -and I know you're enjoying all that remodeling work!! Glad to hear your cat has all her privileges back....... Whoop whoop!!

  2. Love the colors on your blocks!! The K block is adorable, can't wait to see the rest of the quilt

  3. Love'n your blockapalooza blocks, they look great!

  4. I love your blocks, so bright and colorful! I really had to laugh at your MIL's comment and your adapting it. We have a similar inside joke about something my FIL said when he was getting on in years. He was watching some teenagers in neighboring backyard build a track and some jumps for their dirt bikes, and he said, "They just get these ideas and then do them." My husband and I have gotten a lot of laughs and mileage out of that line since then, under various circumstances.

  5. Whoop-whoop! Congrats on all the blocks that got finished as well as the remodel. I can't wait to see pictures after its completed. I'm sure you are more than ready to be done by now.

  6. Looks like you had quite a productive week, with the remodel and your sewing projects! Love your new blocks. Such fun fabrics to be playing with this time of year when the outside feels cold and grey. Yay for Helen!

  7. Again this week, your Blockapalooza blocks are doing great! Love them!

  8. Your blocks are great. I love the colors you are using. Between the cat and the remodel, I don't see how you are doing this much. The K block is so cute, I'm looking forward to seeing that quilt too.

  9. Vicki, it looks to me like you've accomplished a great deal. I remember various relatives saying things like, "I just can't ______ like I used to." I think I might start using that expression too--age has it's benefits, right?

  10. Love the fabrics you are using in your block palooza. The applique is great!


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