Saturday, February 19, 2011


Just a quick update so I can link to Sarah’s Whoop Whoop post!

Are you tired of Block-a-palooza yet? Here’s block 7..

blockapalooza 7

and block 8.

blockapalooza 8

I decided the “K” quilt wasn’t quite long enough, so I added a little to the top.

K quilt

It’s breezy in Tennessee today.

Back of “K”

k quilt back

Some blocks made for K’s little brother..

Gino blocks

and other little brother.

Karson blocks

The sport themed blocks are 15 inches square and the circles are appliqued onto them. When I started to center the circles onto the squares, I knew I needed to streamline the process or I’d be folding fabric in quarters longer than my patience would hold out! 

So I made a template from poster board.

sports quilt template

Placed it on the square.

sports quilt template a

Sprayed the back of the circle with adhesive and placed it in the cut out circle.

sports quilt template b

Removed the template and smoothed it out!

sports quilt template c

Easy peasy! They’re ready for applique.

Amber and I are going to the Flea Market in Nashville, so I gotta run! Have a groovy weekend! Peace

Flea market is next weekend and yes, we drove 50 miles to find out! Google is my friend.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Me and the Flying Geese

The Block-a-palooza quilt-along was my introduction to making flying geese. Five of the first seven blocks include them and so far there have been three different methods of construction. You can check them out by clicking on the button in the right side bar and following the links. All of the tutorials are well written and easy to follow.

My problem was that all my geese had a nasty little curve on the bottom.

flying geese fail

My seams were straight so that wasn’t causing it. I tried starch to stabilize the bias cut which helped a little. I loosened the pressure on my presser foot to no avail.

I finally stumbled on a solution and I’ve highlighted the steps in the little tutorial below that made my geese fly straight!

Here’s the “no waste” method of making flying geese which is the one I prefer. I believe this method was created by Patti Anderson and it’s the one Kaye Prince at Miss Print used for her quilt-along block. Thanks to Dora for pointing me to Patti Anderson!

For this example the (1) large square is 4.25 x 4.25 inches.

The (4) small squares are 2.375 x 2.375 (2 3/8) inches.

Place a small square in opposite corners of the large square.

flying geese step 1

Draw a line diagonally.

flying geese step 2

Sew 1/4 inch on both sides of the line.

flying geese step 3

I like to press this so it lays nice and flat to cut.

flying geese step 4

Cut on the drawn line.

flying geese step 5

Here it comes!

The original instructions call for pressing toward the points, but I get better results if I press the seams open!

flying geese seams open

Place another small square in the corner of this piece.

flying geese step 6

Draw a diagonal line and sew 1/4 inch on both sides. Press flat if you want.

flying geese step 7

Cut on the drawn line.

flying geese step 8

Press the seams open! Repeat for the remaining piece.

flying geese step 9

Nice and straight!

flying geese step 9a

The solution was as simple as pressing the seams open instead of to one side. An experienced quilter would probably have suggested this right away, but it’s good for me to go through the process of solving it for myself. I don’t know why pressing to the side wasn’t successful for me like it was for others, but whatever works!

Happy Valentines Day!

heart brooch


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Block-a-palooza

Block-a-palooza Block 5

blockapalooza 5

Block 6

blockapalooza 6

Here are the first 6 in order

Blockapalooza 1-6

There’s a flock of flying geese in these blocks and I had a crazy time getting them tamed. I’ll post about that a little later.


The K quilt top

K quilt


I can’t back up far enough from my design wall to get a good picture! The “K” block I showed you last week was not working, so I changed it slightly. I had this put together once and it was completely out of square, so this is the second assembly. Lesson learned…measure carefully as you go!! A tiny eighth inch discrepancy in several pieces added up to 2+ inches off from top to bottom. You’d think I’d know better by now!

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Where did the week go?

I felt very productive this week, but don’t have a lot to show for it! My almost 80 year old mother-in-law is famous for saying “I just can’t work like I used to.” We like to replace the word “work” with whatever’s appropriate at the time. Last weekend it was “I just can’t carry drywall like I used to.” It has to be said with a straight face to have the correct impact. Then we laugh at ourselves hysterically. Don’t you wish you were here? You could help carry drywall.

Speaking of drywall, the remodel continues to plod along. At least the hard stuff is done, like plumbing (YAY!) and most of the new wiring. I’m so glad my smarter-than-normal-people-need-to-be hubster knows how to do all these things without flooding the house or shooting sparks out of his head. I finished the new laundry room (drywall tape and paint) and it may get a door today. The new mudroom needs another layer of mud and then paint, which I should have finished this week, but I just can’t work like I used to. Rolling on the floor laughing 

On the sewing front, I finished two more blocks for the Block-a-palooza quilt-along. There’s a Flickr group if you’d like to have a look.

Block 3

blockapalooza 3

Block 4

blockapalooza 4

Blocks 1-3

blockapalooza 3a


Here’s an applique block for another quilt on the design wall.



I hope to have this one finished and two more started this coming week. Wish me luck!

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In case you’re wondering, Helen has regained her cat door privileges. Apparently, not being able to bring live prey into the house put a damper on the game.