Friday, January 28, 2011


It’s been roughly a month since I’ve touched my sewing machine or my blog, but I couldn’t find the motivation. Winter blues are nasty! I’m glad they’re gone.

I joined the ranks of Blogger’s Blockapalooza using some Poodle and other Sis Boom prints and stripes. Busting some stash.Smile

Block 1


Block 2

blockapalooza 2

So far so good!  There are three other quilts I’m working on and two more in my head, so I have plenty to keep me busy!

I’m linking up to Sarah’s Whoop Whoop Friday where there’s lots of show and tell goodness to check out!


Do not let this sweet face fool you.

Sweet Pea

Helen has discovered how to bring things in through the cat door. Things like live birds! Two days in a row! I know she means to share the bounty, but she has lost her daytime cat door privileges probably forever.

Later gators.



  1. Super cute blocks! I really like that fabric you're using.

    I was wondering how you've been. Long time, no see! Glad you're back.

  2. Gorgeous blocks and such a pretty cat !

  3. This winter has hit just about everyone hard. Your quilt blocks look ready to burst forth for Spring. Great colors.

    Well Helen is a cat and cats do what a cat has to do. You do realize they are royalty and were worshipped by the Egyptians? Her Highness Helen probably can't understand your fuss over two completely beautiful presents. Presents worthy of any royalty, so she figures you should be honored that she chose to bestow them onto you. :) She is a cutie.

  4. ditto Clair! Is there a quilter out there who doesn't have a cat or two? Is it a chicken/egg thing: do quilters have cats/do people who have cats become quilters? Glad you've kicked the winter blahs!

  5. Pretty blocks! Looks like some nice springy fabric to bring you out of your winter doldrums!!

    When we lived in Florida, my mother had a cat who would go out at night and catch grasshoppers (like 3 inches long!), bite them behind the head and line them up like soldiers at the end of her bed. Quite something to wake up to in the morning!

  6. Great blocks! I love your colors.

    I can't believe your cat did that..I would have freaked!

  7. Your blocks are so cute! I am watching the Block-A-Pallooza from afar for now -- but you have given me an itch, so I will watch yours so I won't start another project.

  8. Love the blocks! I can't wait to see how yoour quilt is going to look. Isn't it fun? I haven't started #2 yet. Got some more-pressing stuff in the queue...

    I'll probably be down ur way in a week or two. 1stgrandbaby is due 2/10 and I'm not done with her quilt yet... can you say panic?

  9. Oh dear my dog brings birds to the front door but I can at least yell at her and make her drop them. Our furry babies are sweet but sure can get into trouble can't they. Your blocks look so spring fresh and pretty.

  10. Gorgeous blocks! I'm so happy to see you're sewing (and blogging) again. Bet it feels good! I love the blocks in this party.

    Poor Helen, being cut off from catching goodies to bring home to share with you. She sure is sweet!

  11. That's some pretty awesome stash you have to bust. Lovely blocks.

    And, oh my on the kitty. I suppose LIVE birds are better than the alternative??

  12. Very cute blocks. I love your kitty. I just got a new one. Did you see it?

  13. Your blockapaloozas look great!


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