Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow, sleet, sun and seeds

The storm came! The people bought bread, milk and batteries! When it was all over we had a few inches of snow followed by hours of sleet which gave everything a nice, icy crust. Most importantly there was no interruption in electric service. We’ve been staying in since Friday but with the sun peeking out this morning, I had to get out for a few minutes.

Same creek one week later.




The birdies were hungry. This is as close as I could get without disturbing their breakfast.





I did have time to work on a few projects for a swap and a couple of other things. I’ll share more later as I don’t want to spoil any surprises:)

 heart stuffa


Have a lovely Sunday and tune in tomorrow for Etsy Monday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday To Do list

Return the twice used, now broken vacuum cleaner to WalMart.

Return the unused “I don’t like this one.” guitar tuner to Musician’s Friend.

Track down or draft a pattern for a clergy stole I was asked to make.

Redo the back of “Hearts and Chocolate” table runner because I don’t like it.

Take Sweet Pea to the vet to get her stitches taken out.

Look for some graphics for a new blog banner. My blog feels naked now that I’ve switched to the stretch template.

100_1099  This picture is totally random but it makes me think of the warmer temperatures that will be here soon. It won’t be long until I can complain about the heat and humidity.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking out my back door

We’ve got a little creek (do you say “creak” or “crick”?) that runs along one property line close to our house. The rains we’ve been getting have made it run as high as I’ve seen it.  I walked from west to east along the bank and snapped a few shots.





This pool is usually very calm and not very deep. There are rocks to step across to the other side. They’re in there somewhere!




I love the falls when they’re running.


Maybe you call it a stream?

Friday, January 22, 2010

A finish!

I was so excited to have a finish to share in Sew and Tell Fridays, but with all the plumbing excitement here in the last few days, I didn’t get very good pictures. And my battery died after one shot. My apologies for that. Anyway, I finished a table runner this week using some leftovers of Tula Pink Hushabye. I’m celebrating because my finishes have been few and far between!

table runner

There’s just a couple of inches chopped off the left side. I’m calling it “Hearts and Chocolate”!

I played with some whirligigs this week, too. Red is my new “have to have” color. I’ll share more about this when I get further along.

wgig1wgig2wgig4 wgig3 

Go check out the other Sew and Tellers and have a happy weekend!

Permission to flush

What is this? A hole? A trench? Maybe the beginnings of a moat?

trench 2

No, my dear readers, this is progress.


This is the result of a morning of toil. Mr. Dotty and I wielded the shovels and swung the pick axe. We huffed and puffed until we uncovered the object we were seeking.

trench 3(I cropped this photo because I love you. I wouldn’t want to spoil your next meal.)

The pipe. Schedule 40 PVC to be precise. You know what flows through this pipe. You know what happens when it fails. And it did fail. Days of freezing temperatures followed by rain dismantled the not-properly-installed-in-the-first-place joint.

Never fear! A little old piece of broken plastic can’t stop this dynamic duo! With thunderstorms threatening a temporary fix was in order. A quick trip to Lowe’s (quick is a relative term) and thirty minutes or so of cutting and assembling, the connection is restored!

trench 4(That’s rain water in the bottom of the hole. I wouldn’t do that to you.)

We washed! We laundered! We flushed! If we hadn’t been so tired we might have busted a move or something!

Today, with muscles screaming, I’m tackling the backlog of laundry and dishes. Maybe I’ll get some groceries and sneak in some sewing, because tomorrow we get to dig and play with PVC again to make the permanent fix.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Etsy Monday Vintage

According to Etsy, items must be at least 20 years old to qualify for the vintage category. Twenty years. How can this be? That’s like…yesterday! 

Anyway, I pulled two definitions from

1. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.
2. Old or outmoded.

I choose #1.

During my search for Etsy Monday items I caught myself saying repeatedly “I had one of those!”, so today’s Etsy post is going to be more personal than usual. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the hunt!



imageMy favorite pants from high school! My mom made a lot of clothes for me and although this wasn’t the exact pattern we had for bell bottoms, it’s pretty close.

Vintage White Faux Pearl Necktie Necklace 60s 70s


imageI had one of these cuties and wore it often.

1974 nebraska souvenir mug


imageWe didn’t have a mug like this, but I was born and raised in Nebraska and graduated from high school in 1974! (Man, did I just admit that?)

 Black Metal Vintage Lunch Box


imageI attended a rural elementary school with grades K-8 in one room.  Everyone brought lunch and this is exactly like the lunch box (dinner bucket) I had when I was in 7th and 8th grades. I still have it and the vinyl tape label with my name is still intact .

 VINTAGE Pyrex Serving or Mixing Bowl


imageWe received one of these bowls for a wedding gift in 1976 and I still use it regularly.

 Sixties Tote N Dry Portable Mod Pop Blue Green Daisies Hair Dryer


 imageimage                                                                                                     Do you remember sitting under one of these with brush rollers in your hair? 

 Vintage 60s Malcolm Starr Mod Psychedelic Mini Dress Coat Set M – NOSWT


image I didn’t know anyone who owned this ensemble, but isn’t that the coolest fabric! It reminds me of Laugh-in!

I hope you had fun with my blast from the past. These sellers have tons of great vintage items in their shops. Go have a look! Thanks to the Etsians who participated in Etsy Monday:)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back in the swing of things

I keep feeling a nudge to post something here about the devastation in Haiti, but there are really no words. Donate if you can and pray for the people of Haiti and those who are there giving aid.

We’ve had an interesting start to 2010. Nothing earth shattering but just a series of things. The three humans in the house have taken turns having one illness or another. Mister D. had another ear infection, Amber had some kind of respiratory thing and I’ve been experiencing frequent headaches which is pretty odd for me. I suppose a trip to the eye doctor may be necessary if it continues.

This sweet little guy and his furry feline friend have both spent overnights at the vet. (That deck has since been painted a lovely dark brown! It really has!)


Chuck apparently ate something rotten and got an intestinal infection. The symptoms of this are not something I really want to spend a lot of time talking about, but take my word that it was not pleasant for either of us. He spent two nights at the vet on an I.V. to get healed and rehydrated. Poor baby! He’s doing great now, but it was a little scary. Luckily there was no foreign object in there holding things up. Why people think it’s okay to throw food scraps onto the adjoining property is beyond me!


Sweet Pea is at the vet this morning to be picked up later. Two weeks ago, she had a nasty abscess on her jaw which drained and healed. Just when we thought she was recovered, it popped up again so off to the vet she went. The chances of having something in there making the infection reappear was probable so vet went in, cleaned it out, and stitched it back up. No foreign objects there, either, so we could probably have gotten by with a course of antibiotics, but you never know. It turned out that the infection was so bad that it had gone through to the inside of her mouth. Poor baby! We feel like bad, bad kitty parents.


In addition, the vacuum cleaner and the can opener both died and had to be replaced. You know I can’t go a day without vacuuming!  Ha!  

I’ve been getting a little sewing in this week and have been practicing my knitting. I’ll have pictures later as I’m positive you need to see my 4 by 12 inch piece of amateur knitting:)

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year’s Resolutions II

There was a lot of good material for this one so we’ll do it again!

Save money





Spend more time with family and friends

1950's American Family Dinner time




Get a better job

Mr. Chicken Gets a Day Job...(15A)...ORIGINAL...(framed)




Reduce stress

Inhale Exhale Repeat hand stamped sterling silver necklace




Eat your veggies

Carrots give strength




Listen more, talk less

Listen Up




“Accomplish” in honor of my One Little Word

Vinyl Wall Lettering Words Quotes




Thanks to all the talented Etsians who participated this week! It’d sure be nice of you readers to click through to their shops and look around:)

Friday, January 01, 2010

One Little Word

Some people like to kick off the new year with resolutions or goals. I’ve personally never been able to stick to either very successfully so I decided just to wing it for 2010. But I read about something at Pat Sloan’s blog that sounds interesting.  Choose a word for the year and apply it to your life whenever you can. No real pressure and entirely reasonable. The inspiration for this comes from Ali Edwards who started choosing her word for the year in 2007.

My word for 2010 is “accomplish”. Whether it’s losing a couple of pounds or finishing a project or even starting a project I’ll do my best to accomplish it. Not big things, just everyday stuff.

Since I can’t post without a picture, I’ll share this one of a rather big accomplishment of mine. Amber dug this one out of me performing my senior recital in college in 1978. I was a music education major with piano as my primary instrument and I started preparing for this about a year in advance. Check out those glasses!


If you decide to choose a word for the year, I’d love to hear about it:)