Thursday, December 09, 2010


We lost our little buddy last night. Chuck was attacked in his own yard by two other dogs. I rushed him to the emergency vet, but his wounds were serious enough that he wouldn’t recover without a lot of surgery and pain.

Chuck 4I’m angry at people for letting dogs run loose. I’m angry that I was inside the front door watching instead of in the yard with him.

I’m thankful for compassionate and honest vets and the wonderful people who take care of animals every day.

Give your pets an extra treat and hug today.

We’ve had the pleasure of being Chuck’s family for 10 years and he will be missed.


  1. Oh Vicki, I am so sorry to hear this. Chuck was such a sweet pup. He's been through so much for this to happen. I know how it is to be so attached to a pet, so my heart breaks for you and your family. May you find comfort in your sweet memories of Chuck. XO

  2. I've never left a comment before, but just wanted to say I am so very sorry! My heart is sad for you. {hugs}

  3. I am so, so sorry to hear about Chuck, Vicki. My heart goes out to you. We lost our pet rabbit a couple years ago to two stray dogs who mortally wounded him despite his being in an enclosed cage up off the ground. I called the police and they knew the owner of the dogs, who had to pay final vet expenses. Keep your pets on leashes, people. You don't know how they're going to act on someone else's property, especially when there's more than one.

  4. I'm awfully sorry, Vicki. He had such a sweet doggy smile!! I know you have lots of good memories that you will keep forever, even as you miss him....

  5. I am so sorry about Chuck. It is quite a loss to lose a pet, but my mother's heart cries out that it could just as easily have been a child playing in its own yard. The owners of the attacking dogs would then be facing criminal charges and jail time in my state. I know, because I have had to warn "neighbrs" with dogs that have stalked my children. All of us need to consider our neighbors better. Hug your pets, and your children close. Each day is a gift.

    Tears and blessings,


  6. Big hugs, Viki. This makes me sad/angry. Sad for you and angry about the owner(s)of the other dogs.

    Loising a pet is losing a member of the family. I'm sorry for your loss.

  7. My heart goes out to you.Chuck looked like a sweetheart.
    Hugs to you,

  8. I am sorry to hear this. It is hard to lose a baby; and here it is Christmas too. Sending a {hug} your way.

  9. i am very sorry for you and your family.

  10. Im so sorry for your loss. My Mom had three cats get killed on her porch one time. There's no excuse for this kind of thing.

  11. How terribly sad - I'm so sorry for your loss. I recently lost my darling Brat Cat who was 16 years old and know how your heart is aching. Just sit back and smile at all the wonderful years and memories you shared with your beautiful pup.

    BTW- I came to your blog via the Holly Jolly Bingo game.

  12. (((HUGS))) Vicki,it's sad when a beloved member of our family passes away but to go this way was wrong! :( Barb.

  13. Vicki,
    My heart breaks for you. We have the same situation in our neighborhood and our poor old dog has been seriously attacked in our own yard twice now. We are so frustrated by neighbors who won't take responsibility for their animals. This kind of thing shouldn't happen.
    Blessings to you.

  14. I am so sorry to hear of this! I too get so angry at people who lack the responsibility to keep their pets under control. He looks like such a sweet little guy - I am so sorry that you lost him.

  15. I am near you, I can understand how you feel, hugs


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