Thursday, December 23, 2010

A couple of wins, some sewing and building walls

Victoria, whose blog is The Silly BooDilly, had a giveaway of Malka Dubrawsky’s new book, Fresh Quilting . I was the lucky winner! It is a beautifully written book with wonderful photos of all the projects. You can see more of Malka’s work at her blog, A Stitch in Dye.  Thanks Malka and Victoria!


I also won this beautiful bunch of fabric from ‘Lois’ over at Lois Creates which will be going to Sarah for her quilt ministry. Tell them both I say ‘hi’ if you visit their blogs, which I highly recommend!  Thanks to ‘Lois’ for the fabric and Sarah for the work she does!

I’ve been playing with the new version of Windows Live Writer which I use to write all my blog posts.  The above photo is an example of the Polaroid plug-in that allows you to use a caption and tilt the photo. Mr. Dotty was pretty impressed with the tilting deal, since it apparently takes something special to get that to happen. Confused smile There are also Emoticons and tables and lots of things I have no clue about.
This is a table!

I’ll keep plugging away at it and eventually figure it out.

In January, this pile of fabric will become three quilts for my niece’s kids. We’re both excited to see how they turn out!

I sold a few mixer covers from my Etsy shop, three of which were custom sizes. Luckily, they all fit and the new owners are happy! This is one of the color combinations.

We are working on our kitchen/laundry room remodel, but it’s going very slowly. There are so many things to consider when you change things around in an existing structure. Where is the plumbing and the wiring? Can we move that light fixture or light switch? Is this going to fit there? So, in four days, after going through all the possibilities, we have one wall up. Building new is so much easier!

That’s what’s going on here. I hope you’re enjoying the season! 



  1. You have been so lucky and busy these days! Love to see your winnings! And I love the new-fangled ways you are displaying your photos - very cool effect. So happy to hear about your custom orders - made me wish I had a mixer just so I could have such a fab cover from you. Hang in there with that remodel project!

  2. You are too sweet, Vicki! And I really envy you your book win - that looks like a great book! Let me know what you think of it.... Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Thank you so much for honoring the giveaway by paying it forward to the ministry! That seriously made my day! :-D)

    Ahhh... remodeling. Something I don't miss. hahahahaha!

    Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas, Vicki!

  4. My daughter got a brand new kitchenaid mixer for Christmas and was disappointed that she had to settle for white instead of red. I volunteered to make her a cover but she REFUSED it. MOM ! I don't want to COVER IT UP ~!~

    So funny.........I like the one you made.


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