Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free Motion Quilt Along progress

We continue to fill in sections on our FMQ quilt. I’m catching up with some loops and pebbles. There’s more at the Flickr group and the Quilt Along is at A Few Scraps.

Lots of loops

loops Pebbles


More pebbles

pebbles 2

I’ve found that I have to look slightly ahead of where I’m stitching to keep the pattern consistent. When I look directly at the needle, I tend to forget where I’m going and the pattern falls apart.

I didn’t feel like I was getting the full benefit from the Supreme Slider as it didn’t cover the entire bed of the machine.

Supreme Slider 2 Cutting a new hole and turning it 90 degrees made a noticeable difference. The little extra hole is not an issue.

Supreme Slider 3 (2)

Another birthday score for me!

Kona color card

And since it’s Saturday …GO BIG RED!!



  1. Wow, your FM "practice" looks really good! I need this kind of help too. I have been itching to learn how to do pebbles. Great tip about where to look when quilting. You are going to love your new solids color card!

  2. Your "practice" looks perfect!

    Turning your Supreme Slider--genius! I did trim mine just yesterday, finally. Now you've got me wondering about putting it the other way?

  3. I'm really into pebble quilting. The slider is great.

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  5. It looks so great so far! Can't wait to see it all finished! Thanks for stopping by my BQF entry and for your kind comments!


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