Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fabric in and bursitis out…maybe.

Remember when I said I was on a fabric diet?


Good. Because I found some Poodle (Sis Boom) on sale and got some lovely stripes to go with it.

poodle and stripes My only regret is that I didn’t buy more of that groovy mustard color. I’m sure I can find more if I look hard enough. *big smile*

mustard poodle

I won this beautiful bundle of Bliss at Pink Chalk! Oh my! I have to admit this fabric really wasn’t on my radar as a must have, but when I saw it up close and personal, I was in love! Look at that delicious brown! Thanks Kathy and crew:)

Bliss giveaway 4

Since I was poking around at Pink Chalk anyway, I decided to splurge on a few prints I did have my eye on. Metro Cafe mixers by Monaluna! I’ve been in love with this for a while and I know exactly what I’m going to do with it.

metro cafe mixers - Copy


I won this little pack of pretties from the FabShopHop. It’s nice to have some more neutrals in the stash.


I teased you with this photo a couple of posts ago.

sewing machine 2

This puts it in context and I can only hope you recognize what it is. Those are the spools I was working on earlier.

sewing machine 2 (2)

The top is pieced and I’m working on the quilting, but I’m going to wait for the post officer* to put my early birthday present in my mailbox.  Supreme Slider! I hope it helps.

*(Ashley called the postmaster the post officer when she was itty bitty and it stuck!)

Now for the yucky stuff. I’ve been having pain in my right hip for months and thought it was probably arthritis. It mostly hurts when I lay on it, so sleeping is difficult as I’m a side sleeper. The doctor diagnosed it as bursitis and we tried upping my anti-inflammatory and a cortisone injection. Both failed to help, so he sent me to physical therapy. We’re working on stretching and strengthening the muscles in the general hip area. So far, there is no improvement, but I’ve only been there for 4 visits, so I’m hoping it will eventually help. I do feel better after I leave each time. Those little electrodes and an ice pack really feel good! The employees there are so nice and I’ve encountered some interesting patients as well. People are such a hoot!

I hope to update on my Free Motion Quilt-along progress tomorrow.


  1. Ooh, pretty! I just love that metro cafe mixers fabric! Can't wait to see what you're going to do with it.

    Sorry you're having such hip pain. Hope the therapy helps. Sometimes it takes a while.

  2. Love your fabrics! I'm on a fabric diet, too (or rather, unlike you...) so the only stuff I get is the stuff I win. But that's ok, I'm working through stash. And I can enjoy new stuff vicariously through all my friends' blogs!! So thanks for sharing!!

  3. I have often heard that physical therapy helps bursitis go away, so I hope it works for you! You need some relief, my friend!

    You were on a fabric diet? I love your new stash, so I can't wait to see what you do with these new treasures, especially those Cafe mixers. How fun to be expecting an early b-day present to finish your spool masterpiece. When is your b-day, btw?!

  4. Fabric diet... I need to go on the fabric diet plan you're on...LOL!

    Nope, it's not a church. I get it now! that is too cute!

    Hugs on the bursitis. I hope it works itself out soon. You will LOVE your slider... Seriously love it!!!!

  5. I'm seeing so many fabrics I like but I'm being good...I visit my favorite on line quilts shops, put things in my cart, the do NOT hit the purchase button! LOVE the Metro Cafe mixers.

    Also love your darling little sewing machine. Can't wait to see the entire project.

  6. Catching up with you - good stuff here.

  7. Aabsolutely beautiful fabrics and great patchwork.


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