Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free motion quilting practice

I joined the Free motion quilt-along at A Few Scraps blog. This is what we’ve done so far.

Sandwich basted and ready to go.

 free motion quilt-along

Practice piece for checking tension and general messing around.

free motion quilting practice

I’m pretty much following Christina’s suggestions as we go along.

Wavy lines or “wiggles”

free motion quilting wavy lines

Intersecting wigglesfree motion quilting wavy lines2

Ribbon candy. This one needs some work!

free motion quilting ribbon candy  I worked vertically on the sandwich, but horizontally on the practice piece, which seemed to work better for me.


free motion quilting practice3 A piece of Make Life fabric was on the table beside me, so I copied some of the words. I couldn’t get the hang of the spiral, though. More practice!

free motion quilting practice2

There’s a Flickr group if you’d like to see what some more examples.

Project Runway tonight without Casanova. It just won’t be the same!


  1. GO VICKI GO!!!!!!

  2. Wow, yours is looking great so far!

  3. I wish I had time to get in on this free motion fun! I love your practice quilting. Those spirals look cool! Project Runway wasn't the same last night without Casanova, was it? I was happy to see Mondo win!

  4. I just love your row of houses...very cute and clever! Its finally cooling down a little here and hopefully next week I'll be back in my sewing room and at my sewing machine!

  5. I hope you frame the doodle...its fabulous!

  6. Great practice. I should do more of it. I keep my play sandwiches for free motion ideas. Wasn't Cassanova odd but fun?

  7. I too joined, of course. BUT..I haven't had the time to get going. I am afraid mine won't look quite as good as yours. You look as though you are getting the hang of it!


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