Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

A little something on my wall

Spool blocks made from Authentic by Sweetwater. The dessert roll I purchased some time ago did not include the print with words on it. Bummer!  The blocks are fairly big at 8.75 inches square. spools I’ll play with this today to see what it’s going to become.

Head on over to Judy’s blog to see more design walls!

You know those little triangles that get chopped off when you make a 45 degree corner?

cornersI just couldn’t stand to see the poor things just laying there all matched up in pairs, right sides together. So I chained stitched for a while and did some pressing and arranging.

pinwheels 3 

I ended up with a little pinwheel mini top. It’s 7.5 inches square. Isn’t it cute?


pinwheels 2

Have a creative day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free motion quilting practice

I joined the Free motion quilt-along at A Few Scraps blog. This is what we’ve done so far.

Sandwich basted and ready to go.

 free motion quilt-along

Practice piece for checking tension and general messing around.

free motion quilting practice

I’m pretty much following Christina’s suggestions as we go along.

Wavy lines or “wiggles”

free motion quilting wavy lines

Intersecting wigglesfree motion quilting wavy lines2

Ribbon candy. This one needs some work!

free motion quilting ribbon candy  I worked vertically on the sandwich, but horizontally on the practice piece, which seemed to work better for me.


free motion quilting practice3 A piece of Make Life fabric was on the table beside me, so I copied some of the words. I couldn’t get the hang of the spiral, though. More practice!

free motion quilting practice2

There’s a Flickr group if you’d like to see what some more examples.

Project Runway tonight without Casanova. It just won’t be the same!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Finishes for Friday

Time to update my neglected blog! I’m linking to Sew & Tell Fridays at amylouwho’s blog. Thanks Amy!

This was a sneak peek from a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to the lovely readers who identified these as duck feet since that’s what I was going for. The first try was more akin to a kite or an emblem of some sort. Sadly, I’m not much of an artist:)


So here is my Duck Tracks table runner! This is a gift that my sister-in-law asked me to make for a friend of hers who raises ducks. We wanted it to be cute without being juvenile. What do you think?  (These pictures are crummy and I apologize for that! Too lazy to take them outside.)duck tracksI used my embroidery feature to do the “Quack!” on the corners. 

duck tracks 2a

Her friend is also a former teacher and loves bright colors. I thought Make Life by Sweetwater was a good choice for this project.

My first go at half square triangles in a project was successful, but not easy to get things to fit! It was definitely a learning process.

duck tracks table runner back

The back of Duck Tracks.

make life table runner Since I had some strips cut, I decided the above mentioned sis-in-law needed a table runner, too.

make life table runner back

 make life potholders

More scraps turned into a couple of potholders.  

 mixer cover2

My KitchenAid mixer got a new cover.


kona I scored some Kona solids for 50% off at my local Hancock’s! I was in an autumn mode:)


free motion quilt-along

This is the sandwich for the Free Motion Quilt Along over at A Few Scraps blog.


pillowcases Pillowcases!

Thanks for stopping! Have a great weekend:)