Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wanderings on a Wednesday

Have you noticed all the AccuQuilt Go! Cutter giveaways in blogland these days? Here are a couple of places you can enter to win:

 photo from Canton Village Quilt Works

Here’s a little peek of something I’m working on. Any guesses?

I’m painting the main bathroom today.  Is this damage or an attempted faux finish of some kind? Whatever it is, there was a lot of it. (I blogged about another paint disaster here.)

I removed the trim, patched the walls and primed with a little drywall mud mixed in to make an even texture. I’ve used this technique a lot since the walls here are very flat. Here's the same section of wall. Better!

 Notice the color of the trim. Every piece of wood in the house was this color including the cabinets. Every window, door and piece of trim is being painted white. I highly recommend Valspar primer and paint. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s covering the blue stuff really well!

The vanity and the flooring will be replaced:)

In other news:
Windows Live Writer failed me today and won't publish. Ugh! I don't like working in Blogger:(

My ankles are covered with chigger bites. Yes, I do know about repellent. I just forgot.

Both of the car's front window regulators went out within one week. One is fixed and the other is waiting for the part to arrive. I think I can replace this one myself:)

I flushed two rats out of the "east 40" while I was mowing yesterday. One ran toward the creek and the other toward a brush pile. They were fat little buggers and really grossed me out. We live in the country...rats happen.

Amber's band, Little Queen, played at the Hardrock in Nashville last Friday. Good show!

What are you up to today?


  1. I see duck feet or maybe flippers? Could it be a bath matt? Love your bathroom project too.

    There are so many Go Cutter giveaways out there this week, aren't there?! I hope you win one of them!

    Just got home from Photoshop class, which was fun, learning how to make adjustments to a photo. Now I'm off to finish a new bag for my shop!

  2. I agree with duck feet, but whatever it is, it's cute! Sorry about the rats - but I hope they stay in your neck of the woods. So far I've only got turkeys, the occasional deer, squirrels and possums. Boy, turkeys are dumb!!

  3. I leave the painting in the capable hands of Mr. Creations! Hmmm...I'm guessing duck feet on your project. Great fabrics. I won a GO! Cutter today. :o)

  4. Really like the sneak peek and agree it looks like duck feet.


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