Monday, July 12, 2010

More hexagons

I’m still playing around with these hexagons to see if I can find a design I like. I added some new mixed blocks in an attempt to pull things together.

hexagon mixed blockhexagon mixed block 2 

This was my first layout.hexagons 4

I turned them to eliminate the spaces in between.


I have a feeling this may be up on the wall for a while:)

Remember the Say Cheese portrait quilts with V @ Bumblebeans? We got those pretty much wrapped up (so fun!!) but V decided to continue with “15 Minutes Play”. It’s basically making new fabric out of your scraps. She explains it all at the link.  Here’s my first go at it:

fifteen minutes

The first one (bottom) took me about 30 minutes, but the second was much faster. It does feel good to be doing something with those bottomless scrap tubs! Thanks again for the inspiration, V!


  1. I like the hexies turned - maybe try making arcs with similar colored hexies? It might be interesting... And I love your 15 minute blocks. I might need to try that myself! AFter I turn my scrap bin into five inch squares, I could do that with the leftovers!

  2. I love the hexagons turned too! This is fun to watch your process and progress. I adore your 15 minutes of play. I can't wait to find those same 15 minutes to dig into my scrap bin too cuz I really want to make some crazy patch blocks. Keep up this wonderful creativity!

  3. Great use of fabric/scraps. This is turning out lovely.

  4. I love the hexagon formations. So unique and pretty. Loving the crazies as well. I haven't done crazy blocks in a while. Still have many to be made into quilts. I love doing them.

  5. How do you do that?!! If I tried to sew a hexagon I'm pretty sure it would be a square. Would never be able to get it so perfect! LOVE the bottom ones too!

  6. Thankyou for the link I must do something with all my scraps too !


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