Thursday, July 08, 2010


Back in March, Julie from jaybirdquilts, hosted a Hexagon Quilt-Along. At that time, I wasn’t ready to jump into another big project, but knew it would be something I’d try at some point. About a week ago I was going through the stash looking for something or other, and came across a bundle of fabrics I’d won from an Art Gallery giveaway. Pat Bravo has designed some beautiful fabrics!


I only used two of the blocks that Julie made. These are fun blocks to make and her directions are crystal clear! I used this ruler and it worked great.


60 degree angle

ruler 2


You’re not supposed to sew the two halves of the blocks together to avoid “Y” seams. I was having trouble moving them around, so I basted them with my Brother’s special super nifty basting stitch. Much better!

These are my favorites:)hexagons 3

 hexagons 2

I haven’t played with the design at all. I just pinned them up there as they were sewn. To be honest, I’m just not happy with the fabric/pattern combination. There isn’t any one fabric in the group that makes everything mesh, although this isn’t the entire line. So I need to do a little digging and find a fabric that pulls it all together. hexagons 4

What are you up to? Staying cool, I hope:) 101 F here yesterday according to!


  1. MMMM.. hexagons! I LOVE THEM! Looks like your hexies are coming along nicely too!

  2. Very cool! I even found a fabric that's in my hexagon project, too!! Aw...makes me think I should work on it. I'm a Y seam fanatic, apparently. Mine are old school =)


  3. I think this is looking good. Maybe some setting triangles would satisfy your need to tie all these blocks together. I like it. I started with this quilt-along, but haven't kept up. Too many things going on, but I hope to at least finish the top sometime this summer.

  4. that is cool... the hexagons, that is. Do I really want to head home tomorrow? oy, this heat. reminds me of the late 1980s here.

  5. your 2 favorites are mine too! i really love those fabrics. thanks for the inspiration, they look a little tricky. I'll have to find one of those cool gadgets to help me and give it a try.

    173 degrees here!...ok...just feels like it! maybe tomorrow will be upper 60's. We can dream can't we??? :) Have a good one!


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