Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Poor Chuck

Chuck has doggie diabetes.

Chuck (2)

Normal glucose is 60-110 and his was 592. He got his first insulin injection at the vet Monday and I will be the shot giver from now on. Two injections down and many to go. He doesn’t seem to mind, but I was really nervous for that first one.  

Chuck 2

He already feels much better.

Chuck 4

I have a new appreciation for nurses.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was one of the lucky winners of a giveaway from Portland Modern Quilt Guild (PMQG) and the prize was two sets of hexagon templates! 

I chose the 1.5 inch and .75 inch sizes.hexies I’ve toyed with the idea of trying these little hexies, but since I’m not fond of cutting little shapes and the chances of me buying an Accuquilt Go! Cutter are slim to none because I’m a tightwad frugal, I pretty much gave it up.  Now, if I’d win a Go! Cutter, that would be a different story:)

hexies 2 It took me about a minute to love these templates! Using your rotary cutter, you cut the fabric with the larger of the pair and your paper with the smaller one. I skipped the hand sewing part and sewed these on my machine just to give it a try. I’ll definitely be trying these by hand soon! Jill has a great tutorial on her blog for using these.

Jill, whose blog is Made on Main Street, sells these templates in her Etsy shop, TabSlot. Jill and her husband make the laser-cut templates in their home and offer a great variety in their shop. While I was choosing the two sizes I wanted from her shop, I spied a circle cutting template and couldn’t resist Jill’s great price.

Circles are the worst shapes for me to cut and this makes it so easy!


Thanks to PMQG and Jill for the great prize!

Monday, July 12, 2010

More hexagons

I’m still playing around with these hexagons to see if I can find a design I like. I added some new mixed blocks in an attempt to pull things together.

hexagon mixed blockhexagon mixed block 2 

This was my first layout.hexagons 4

I turned them to eliminate the spaces in between.


I have a feeling this may be up on the wall for a while:)

Remember the Say Cheese portrait quilts with V @ Bumblebeans? We got those pretty much wrapped up (so fun!!) but V decided to continue with “15 Minutes Play”. It’s basically making new fabric out of your scraps. She explains it all at the link.  Here’s my first go at it:

fifteen minutes

The first one (bottom) took me about 30 minutes, but the second was much faster. It does feel good to be doing something with those bottomless scrap tubs! Thanks again for the inspiration, V!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Teeny tiny finish

This morning, Amber asked me if I had a spare glasses case she could use. I had this one in the “Stuff I’ve Made and Don’t Know What To Do With” bin.pinkglasscase2 She was happy to use it, but I knew it wasn’t really her style. Let’s face it, the girl’s a hippie.  She was born a few decades too late.Am and C at the zoo 2 Anyway, I had about an hour before she left for a little road trip, so I dug in the batik stash and “made some fabric” for this little case.  This is certainly not my best work as far as finishing goes. In other words don’t look too close at the top binding piece:) 

glassses case 2 I’m fascinated with wavy lines at the moment.

glassses case

Now, she has a new case and I have a project for Sew & Tell Fridays. I’m always impressed by the inspirational goodness there:)

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Back in March, Julie from jaybirdquilts, hosted a Hexagon Quilt-Along. At that time, I wasn’t ready to jump into another big project, but knew it would be something I’d try at some point. About a week ago I was going through the stash looking for something or other, and came across a bundle of fabrics I’d won from an Art Gallery giveaway. Pat Bravo has designed some beautiful fabrics!


I only used two of the blocks that Julie made. These are fun blocks to make and her directions are crystal clear! I used this ruler and it worked great.


60 degree angle

ruler 2


You’re not supposed to sew the two halves of the blocks together to avoid “Y” seams. I was having trouble moving them around, so I basted them with my Brother’s special super nifty basting stitch. Much better!

These are my favorites:)hexagons 3

 hexagons 2

I haven’t played with the design at all. I just pinned them up there as they were sewn. To be honest, I’m just not happy with the fabric/pattern combination. There isn’t any one fabric in the group that makes everything mesh, although this isn’t the entire line. So I need to do a little digging and find a fabric that pulls it all together. hexagons 4

What are you up to? Staying cool, I hope:) 101 F here yesterday according to!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Bragging rights….

Little Queen

imageAmber, daughter #1, is in a Heart tribute band. After months of rehearsals and grueling PPT (personal practice time), they played their second show last night at the Exit In in Nashville!

Little Queen Exit InLittle Queen marquis

Little Queen Exit In 2

Dual guitar leads.

 Little Queen Exit In 5

  Little Queen Exit In 4

Love that key-tar!

Little Queen Exit In 6

Good music, good musicians…good time!

I’m telling you, that 2 a.m. bedtime is kicking me today:)