Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not a summer girl.  Depending on the humidity, I really don’t want to be outside if the temperature is much over 80 degrees. When we lived in western South Dakota I enjoyed flower gardening and a grew a few vegetables. (It does get hot there, but it’s a dry heat!) I even started my own seeds just for the fun of it. This is our seventh summer in Tennessee and I’ve completely given up on gardening except for couple of pots of flowers by the front door. I just can’t deal with the sauna that takes over by 8 o’clock in the morning! There’s a point at which the decency laws kick in when shedding clothes to cool off.

I’m really not complaining, but I do miss the process of planning and making it happen! Such is life:) We do have some beautiful perennials that require little care and that’s good enough for me. 

So, to celebrate the start of summer in the cool indoors, I designed a watermelon project for an Etsy team challenge. Maybe my flower gardens will have to come to life in fabric, too.

Watermelon table runner

table runner watermelon4table runner watermelon5table runner watermelon

I’ve listed it in my Etsy shop:)

I’ll link up to Sew & Tell (see sidebar) at amylouwho’s and you can go there to see lots of other wonderful finishes for Friday.

wonky boxes quilting 2 I finished quilting Wonky Boxes ... and then I ripped all the quilting out. I hated it! I made diagonal lines an inch apart and it looked like a old mattress pad or something. On top of that, when I started taking stitches out, I noticed a problem with the stitching. After doing some troubleshooting, I realized the feed dogs were down. Sometimes, happiness is a really good seam ripper:)

One more quick thing! This is a Wizard of Oz quilt from the Oz museum in Wamego, Kansas. Amber and I are Oz fans, so she planned a stop there during our vacation. Not a great picture, but an awesome quilt! Some of the clothing on the characters is 3-D.  I had no idea there is so much Oz memorabilia! 

OZ quilt 2

Gotta go! Chuck is scared of the thunderstorm and needs some comforting:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

“Enough is as good as a feast.” - Mary Poppins

Good advice as I neared a finish with my Say Cheese project.

Here’s where I started.

me (2)


Basic shapes on the background.



A neck added, pink lips and fused down.

portrait (2)


Bordered, quilted and bound. No more helmet head!

portrait 3

I hung it up for the night. This morning, my face is much flatter than I remembered. There are quilted lines there, but they’re done in white.

Hmmm…..maybe it’s not enough.

portrait 3a

I went over the facial lines twice with gray thread.

portrait 6a

I think that’s enough. What do you think? I left out the wrinkles:)

portrait 6

This was a gigantic learning experience and fun to boot! Thanks, V, for organizing and encouraging. Good job to all my fellow “Say Cheesers”!

I’m linking this to Sew & Tell Fridays over at amylouwho’s blog. Check out all the cool finishes over there!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Home again…

We spent the last 16 days on the road! About 2 months before we left, we installed a Windoor for Sweet Pea/Helen, the half-wild independent cat. We couldn’t take her and wanted to make sure she had access to familiar surroundings. Our very sweet neighbor, Jeni, came and checked on her, too.

There she goes! She has it figured out, so we can rest a little easier about leaving her.Helen Windoor

So we loaded up the fifth wheel and hit the road.camper

The first two nights were spent in Wal-Mart parking lots.


Maggie got sick and we made an emergency vet stop in St. Joseph, MO.


She needed an anti-vomiting shot and since she wasn’t dehydrated, we went on our way. She was much better the next day:)

Sally, the 21 year old cat rode in the camper and thought she was the queen. It did get too hot on the way home so she was downgraded to the pickup cab with us peasants.


Destination Black Hills! My in-laws live about 12 miles from this spot and we spent the next 6 days there. This is the sign on the west end of Rapid City.


This area was our home for many years and I miss it!


The graduate! She’s the last of the nieces and nephews to graduate from high school and we’re very proud of her. She has autism but is high-functioning. She did very well in school and is planning to go to college. Several of Mr. Dotty’s relatives attended this event!


I saw my two best friends in the world! They’re the friends that you can pick up with no matter how long it’s been. Mr. Dotty saw some old rock’n’roll buddies and they rehashed some band tales and jammed a little. Amber got in on that session.

All the pictures of the next few days are on Amber’s computer which is at the Geek Squad due to a dead battery. If the pictures are still intact when she gets it back, I’ll share.

On day # 7 we traveled south and stayed at Ft. Robinson near Crawford, NE where we visited more family. Then south to the farm where I grew up! My mom and dad have been gone for 10 and 12 years respectively. My oldest brother, Rod and his wife have lived on “the place” since his retirement and my youngest brother, Randy (who is 8 years older than me) is the farmer. He and his wife live in town where she teaches. We had a great visit with them and a niece and her husband. The clergy stole that Rod asked me to make for their pastor was also delivered and brought a few tears to the recipient. Of course I neglected to take a picture of the finished stole. Since it was Memorial Day, we decorated the graves of my parents, one brother and grandparents.

On to Denver to see Ashley, the C man and the Chihuahuas!  C is a fantastic cook and spoiled us with pizza on the grill and his famous ribs. The dogs are still as cute as ever and a little more calm then they were at our house. We stayed at Cherry Creek State Park.

Amber and C strolling through the Denver Zoo.

Am and C at the zoo 

Being the bird nerd that I am, I took about a million pictures of birds.

bird at zoo



For some reason, I got a huge kick out of the camel. He looks like he’s cracking a joke.  


The next day we toured the Coors brewery. I’d been there on my senior class trip in 1974 before I was old enough to partake of the samples.  The three in the forefront of the photo are mine. C had to study, so he missed out on the free beer. He’s attending the U of Colorado in Denver.


Coors 2

It was an audio tour so you listened to the recordings as you went along.

Coors 3

Samples! They gave you three of these if you wanted them. I didn’t make it that far!

Coors samples 

Since we were close, we drove up the side of a mountain to Buffalo Bill’s grave. In retrospect, this should probably be done before the Coors stop.

Buffalo Bill's grave

Beautiful view looking over the city.


We left the next morning. It was sad to leave Ash and C and the crisp, dry air of Colorado, but it’s good to know they are doing well and love it there.  We stayed at Tuttle Creek Cove campground near Manhattan, KS that night and Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park near Marion, IL for our last night on the road. Both were beautiful places to stay and I highly recommend them.

Wouldn’t you know it? The way back to TN goes right through Paducah, KY. I did some damage at the Hancock’s bargain bin:) I haven’t even had the energy to take complete inventory of my new stash yet. There’s some Kaffe and Laura Gunn in there!

HancocksHancocks 2

Thanks for making it through this long post. Now I need to finish mowing the very tall grass!