Friday, May 14, 2010

Totally random thought for Friday

I usually try to have a finish for Sew & Tell Fridays (see the link in the side bar) but I didn’t get anything done for today. Instead I’ll share something I learned about blogger this week. I am a rank amateur at HTML, so this may be overly simple for some of you. Anyway, did you look at the sidebar? Do you see how all the little buttons are lined up and centered? Prior to adding this one, all my buttons were on the left side of the sidebar.


The buttons used to link somewhere else are written in HTML code. The code for this button had some added tags (that’s what the instructions are called) that centered it in the sidebar. I can barely find my way around with HTML, but this was pretty simple.  Here’s what you do:

If you’re afraid you’re going to totally mess up and delete the button code while you’re fooling around, just copy and paste the code somewhere temporarily (I use Notepad) before you do anything else.

At the beginning of the code add    <center>

At the end of the code add           </center>    

You have to add both for it to work. So if you want all your sidebar buttons centered nicely, that’s all there is to it!  If you’d rather have the buttons over to the left side, take out the center tags. I hope this information was useful for some of you. My knowledge is limited but I’m happy to share:)

Check out all the fun finishes at amylouwho’s for Sew & Tell Friday!


  1. All the buttons look centered and lined up on your sidebar. Great job! I learned a little HTML in a recent blog class, and love the way things turn out when you get it right.

  2. Thank you your a wealth of knowledge. I'm so dumb when it comes to computers. I can barely believe I have a blog.

  3. I just recently figured that one out too Vicki! Your blog looks awesome!


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