Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonky boxes

I’ve been hoarding a Pretty Please charm pack (Jennifer Paganelli) for a while and finally decided to cut into it. I had started to make another whirligig quilt, decided against that and wanted to find something else to do with the pieces. The wonky style was calling me and this is what resulted. I hope you enjoy my little picture sequence. (This is not meant to be a proper tutorial as there are many steps missing!)

wonky box 1  wonky box 3

wonky box 4
wonky box 5
  wonky box 8
wonky box 9
 wonky box 13
wonky box 14
wonky box 15
wonky box 16
 wonky box 17
 wonky box 19

wonky box last
wonky box 20
 wonky box 22

wonky box 23
 wonky box 24
 wonky box 25
I like it! It’s very gratifying to wing it:)


  1. I love these blocks! I would love to try making these, so I am going to save this post. Looks like the key is to keep squaring your box before you add the next section. Your photo-by-photo steps are perfect. Of course, I'm a huge fan of the fabrics you used - they look very cool framed in white.

  2. Love how the white really makes the colors pop. What a pretty quilt this will make.

  3. Love these wonderful wonky boxes! Beautiful happy fabrics set off perfectly with the white.


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