Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paducah show!

A couple of weeks ago I showed Mr. Dotty this post from Judi’s blog at Green Fairy Quilts. He was impressed to say the least and started asking questions like “How is this done?” and “What kind of machine does this?”. So I found a couple of web pages that would explain better than I could and we decided to check into this as a possible small business opportunity for me.  As luck would have it, the quilt show was coming up and many long arm dealers were going to be there. So we made the 3 hour drive on Thursday and spent the morning test driving machines. Actually, I played and he asked the technical questions like a tech guy does. His software engineer eyes really lit up when he found out the machines can be automated with a computer. At the end of the morning I had a bag full of brochures and a brain full of mush. Complete information overload! Did we come home with a long arm? Nope. Will we buy one? Maybe. We narrowed it down to 2 choices and we’ll do some more homework. Any advice from long arm quilters out there would be more than welcome!

I met Pat Sloan and Dawn Cavanaugh at the APQS booth. I’ve been reading Pat’s blog and listening to her radio show for a while and she’s every bit as nice in person as I’d imagined. There’s Pat and the back of my head!Pat SloanAfter a yummy Philly cheese steak for lunch, we went back in to walk and look. This is my first quilt show aside from county fairs and I was just blown away! I wish I could share some photos, but according to the rules, pictures may not be shown on the internet without the consent of the quilt maker and AQS so I will honor that. Here’s the link to the winners and I think there’s a DVD available of all the entries.There was a Kaffe Fassett display that was awesome!

The show was in two buildings including the 2nd floor of the main building and we saw it all. I was pooped by 3 o’clock! Next time, I’ll stay longer and take in some classes and lectures.  Eleanor Burns has a shop in Paducah that would be fun to stop at. We’re going to stop at Hancock’s when we go on vacation. Yay! There’s also a “hurt” book sale at another location and the Quilt Museum.

Eleanor Burns shop

There was just no time to check out the vendors so I didn’t buy a thing except food. This was the tastiest part of the day! Strawberry SC

It was a great day and I’d encourage everyone who appreciates the art of quilting to attend one of these shows.


  1. I'll bet you had tons of fun! I love going through Hancock's end of bolt bins... it's like a treasure trove...

    oooh! I hope you purchase a long arm!

  2. Oh wow, that would be fantastic if you guys started a long-arm quilting business. I have a local friend who started hers a couple years ago, and she's never looked back. She is always busy! I've always wanted to go to the Paducah show, so I'm happy to hear you guys went. Would love to see the Hancocks fabric show.

  3. I bet there was a ton to see. What a fun trip. Strawberries and ice cream now that sounds yummy.

  4. This looks like so much fun. Good for you just buying food. It is enough to just be there!


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