Sunday, March 07, 2010

Two baby quilts and more lessons learned

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Busy, busy week here with two baby quilts that needed to be finished for a shower by Saturday afternoon. And they were, but just barely. We had one minute to grab a couple of pictures before they were wrapped up.  It makes me wonder if I’m just slow or if I bite off more than I can chew. I did not procrastinate! I really didn’t.

Pictures taken in a hurry in bad light:

Made from the tutorial at Moda Bake Shop from V and Co.

eat sleepMy capable assistant holding the quilt. Do you see a resemblance? 

Heleneat sleep back 2

Personalized for Jaden! The embroidery machine comes in handy occasionally. I machine stitched the binding and it was acceptable since the stitching blended in well on the white front. I used a blanket stitch to catch the edge and it’s a cute look on this quilt. I think you can get a closer look if you click on the photo. I prefer hand stitching the binding even if it takes a while.

eat sleep close

Little Xavier has an airplane themed nursery.  I was pleased with the front of this one.

fly boy

This is where I learned a lesson. We decided on a quilting plan without considering how the back would look. The corner with the name and little airplane is partially covered with stippling. Not a look I would intentionally go for.

fly boy back

It feels good for this amateur to have two more quilts completed! I wasn’t afraid to dive in with the stippling this time and I really enjoyed it.

Random thought for today:

I was pretty excited to spot a pileated woodpecker in our back yard a few weeks ago! I’ve seen it a total of 5 times now and finally had a chance to grab the binoculars for a better look. I saw another many years ago in eastern Iowa. They are really magnificent birds being about the size of a crow.


Photo courtesy of since I’m pretty sure I’ll never get a shot of my own!

We’ve also been host to red-bellies and downies this winter. They love suet cakes!

I’m kind of a bird nerd:)


  1. Both your baby quilts are beautiful! I am sure they will be treasures for thier new families.

  2. Those turned out so cute! I love eat, play, sleep, repeat :) Arlene

  3. Oh my goodness, what fun quilt projects to crank out for gifts! I especially love those colors on the first one. I always love your birding updates - makes me want to add more birdfeeders and watching spots around our yard too.

  4. Fun and quick projects too. Yeah the stippling does cover a lot of details sometimes, but it's still my first love of finishing a quilt.
    I love, love the planes. very boy!
    Thanks for bird facts once again.

  5. Great job! My favorite is the first one, and I love that you embroidered the little one's name on it!

  6. Great job on the quilts! I love the airplanes! And wow- that's a spectacular bird!

  7. Lovely quilts! I'm reading a book about crows right now and I TOO enjoy birds. Never heard the term "bird nerd"...but that's cute!

  8. Both are super cute! I love the dots on the first one. Love that pattern too.

    Very cool that you saw a pileated woodpecker. We live in Southern Wisconsin and don't see them here. Only up north. :)

  9. those are great quilts!

    Quick questions, where did you get the block for the middle of the airplane quilt? I made one a bit ago and if I want to do it again I know I'll need a new middle block.

  10. Those baby quilts are so cute. I love the dots and love love the pieced back!

  11. Oh wow! you did an amazing job on the quilts!
    I love the airplanes, you are super talented!

  12. Great baby quilts! Really, really lovely.

  13. how i would love to see a pileated in my backyard!! these baby quilts are adorable! great finishes

  14. I'm a bird nerd too!!

    I love those quilts! Especially the V and Co. one. I died when I saw it on her blog. I need to make one too.

  15. Beautiful little quilts, I am sure they will be well loved!

  16. Adorable baby quilts! I'm sure they will be treasured! Thanks for the tip on the blanket stitch on the front ... neat idea! I like hand stitching my quilts, but on baby/child quilts, I do machine stitch for durability.

  17. Great quilts--done is always good. (P.S. I've been enjoying the songs of black-capped chickadees in the drizzle. Pileated woodpeckers are magnificent.)

  18. Great baby quilts. That V and Co quilt is just so adorable. Love the little airplane you put on the back of the 2nd one.

  19. WOW a pilated woodpecker!!! i'd have fainted if one was in our yard. we have downies, red bellies and northern flickers. my dad who lives about a mile away promises me he's seen a pilated in his yard. i'm going to keep my eyes peeled.


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