Thursday, February 25, 2010

I found it


Spring’s been hiding under a bush all this time!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sewing and sniffles

So, I have a case of the sniffles and sneezes and a little bit of laryngitis. In the five and a half years since I’ve been a teacher, this is only the third time I’ve been sick. During the teaching days I would get some sort of illness about once every 3 months and would lose my voice at least once during the school year. Kids love the whole laryngitis thing. Communicating with signs, sound signals and messages on the white board was a fun game!  Those silly little cootie carriers!

With the tissue box close by, I’ve done some sewing.

dotty house

Here are a few more house blocks for V at Bumble Beans.dotty house 2Another Dotty House



house 2aSis Boom house 

 house 3 A couple of batiks

I started two baby quilts over the weekend. Here’s a peek of one using the tutorial from V and Co via Moda Bake Shop. I love this pattern!

 repeat quilt

Random observation for today:

When we move to the wide open spaces of Wyoming or South Dakota or someplace, I’m taking this gate with me. I’ll just plant it in the middle of a pasture and let the coyotes enjoy it.

gate 2

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Playing in the snow and a house block

imageThis is my first house block for V at Bumble Beans. This is a fun block for a great cause! Do you want to help? Follow one of the links to see how.
dotty house Dotty House block
This is our sixth winter in Tennessee.  I think we’ve received more snow this winter than we have the last five combined. But instead of the skies being overcast and gray, the sun came out Monday!  I donned the insulated coveralls and boots and brown jersey gloves and hoofed it out with my Kodak EasyShare. (I’m glad no one took my picture.)
Bluebird house
Icicles hanging from our old well house roof
aper2 aper3 aper6 aper4
Chicken wire
Chickadee and tufted titmouse at the suet basket.
Fluffed up cardinal
Dark eyed junco
Goldfinch in his winter duds at the thistle feeder.
See the one coming in for a landing on the right?
Then my toes were cold so I gave up:) But, I did take this one from inside the back door. Any guesses who made those?
cat tracks

Monday, February 15, 2010

No more Etsy Mondays

My apologies to anyone stopping by to see Etsy goodies. I’ve decided my time will be better spent on other ventures. So, thanks to everyone who visited and the Etsians who appreciated my time to promote them.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Camp Sloanie Winter Stashbuster Weekend

I’m linking this up to Sew & Tell Fridays over at Amy’s place! image

If you’ve never visited Pat Sloan’s site, you are missing out on a treasure trove! Pat has something going on all the time.  Last weekend I joined her Camp Sloanie Winter  Stashbuster’s Weekend where we put together quilt tops based around this block. It has officially been named “Tent Flaps”.


My goal was to use up some of the blue fabrics I had been accumulating for a while.

Playing with some layouts:

Camp Sloanie

Too many possibilities to show here!

Camp Sloanie2

This is the one I chose. My finished top measures 48” X 68”.

Tent Flaps 

Here’s a link to the Flickr pool for this project. There were some amazing quilt tops made at Camp Sloanie! And I won a prize! As Pat would say…Woot Woot!

Head on over to amylouwho’s for more Sew & Tell Friday finishes!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Etsy Monday….You Rock My World

Today’s theme was chosen by Amber whose favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. She shall receive a shameless plug at the end of this post. Now for some awesome Etsyness!





Thanks to all the Etsians who agreed to participate in Etsy Monday! Go show their shops a little Valentine’s love, okay?


Shameless Plug!!

Here’s Amber at the filming of the promo video for the band she’s playing with, Little Queen, a Heart tribute band based in Nashville.

The video isn’t up on the website yet, but there are a couple of audio downloads for your listening pleasure. Amber is the band’s Nancy Wilson. They’re pretty awesome!

Friday, February 05, 2010

A tiny finish and a growing whirligig top

Added: The tutorial link for the whirligig blocks from Allison Anderson’s blog!

I made a couple of little things for a swap. The hot pad started out as a wall hanging, but I wasn’t happy with it (the story of my life it seems) so it kept getting smaller until it became what you see here. The little hearts are brooches with vintage buttons for an accent.000_0081If you looked at the picture very closely you noticed that the quilting is not symmetrical. I didn’t see it until I looked at the picture. So it’s fixed and has arrived at it’s destination. I hope the recipient likes it:)  I’m adding this to Amy’s Sew and Tell Friday’s so flit on over there and check out what everybody’s made this week. It’s great fun!

I used the tutorial from Tallgrass Prairie Studio for the pattern. Thanks Jacquie!

So far my whirligig top measures 45” by 30” and I need to decide on a border so it’s big enough for a lap quilt. I don’t know why I get so stuck on things like this. Lack of experience, maybe. Any good ideas out there in blog land?

whirli top

Fabrics used for this are Zippity DooDah by Sandy Gervais, Glace Damask Holly Red by 3 Sisters for Moda, Simple Abundance Paisley Picnic Red, Stripe Picnic Red and Retro Dot Picnic Red by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. I used a good unbleached muslin for the cream color because that’s what I had in the pile!



Helen Sometimes we call her Helen. She’s everywhere and watching…

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Thanks, Terri!

My blog friend, Terri, nominated me for this fun award a couple of weeks ago. I’m honored to be considered one of Terri’s friends because she is so sweet and considerate. Visit her blog and you’ll see what I mean.


To accept this award, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. Thank you, Terri!

2. Paste the award on your blog (see above)

3. Link the person who nominated you.

4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself (see below)

5. Nominate 7 blogs (see below)

6. Post links to those 7 blogs (see below)

Whether they’re interesting or not, here are some random things about me:

1.I grew up on a farm in western Nebraska with three older brothers. (Spoiled!)

2. I may be addicted to coffee:)

3. I'm a pianist. My poor Yamaha baby grand is in a crate:(

4. My husband and I are big time DIYers. We built 2 houses when we lived in South Dakota and are working on our second redo here in TN.

5. I sported a pretty spiffy afro my first 2 years in college.

6. I do not like BBQ!

7. I taught elementary music until 2004. Now I am a professional slacker.

I read a lot of blogs on a regular basis and it was incredibly hard to choose just seven, but these are the ones I want to share this fun award with:

(If any of you read my blog and want to share this award, I’d love to know!)

1. Nanci

2. Jean

3. Nanette

4. Karla, Susan and Lisa     

5. Amy

6. Lori

7. Rene

Thanks, Terri! Maybe someday we’ll get to trade piano and knitting lessons:)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Etsy Monday…Love Songs

“Love Never Felt So Good”

felted wool bowls




“I Love Coffee, I Love Tea”

I Heart Coffee Print




“You and Me Song”

You and Me pillow




“Love Letters”





“Looking Through the Eyes of Love”

Eye Chart




“All Mixed Up”

Scrabble LOVE Tile Coasters or Hotplate




“I’m In Love With My Car”

Love . Keychain




Great gifts for Valentine’s Day or any day! Fun browsing, too. Check ‘em out!