Friday, January 22, 2010

Permission to flush

What is this? A hole? A trench? Maybe the beginnings of a moat?

trench 2

No, my dear readers, this is progress.


This is the result of a morning of toil. Mr. Dotty and I wielded the shovels and swung the pick axe. We huffed and puffed until we uncovered the object we were seeking.

trench 3(I cropped this photo because I love you. I wouldn’t want to spoil your next meal.)

The pipe. Schedule 40 PVC to be precise. You know what flows through this pipe. You know what happens when it fails. And it did fail. Days of freezing temperatures followed by rain dismantled the not-properly-installed-in-the-first-place joint.

Never fear! A little old piece of broken plastic can’t stop this dynamic duo! With thunderstorms threatening a temporary fix was in order. A quick trip to Lowe’s (quick is a relative term) and thirty minutes or so of cutting and assembling, the connection is restored!

trench 4(That’s rain water in the bottom of the hole. I wouldn’t do that to you.)

We washed! We laundered! We flushed! If we hadn’t been so tired we might have busted a move or something!

Today, with muscles screaming, I’m tackling the backlog of laundry and dishes. Maybe I’ll get some groceries and sneak in some sewing, because tomorrow we get to dig and play with PVC again to make the permanent fix.


  1. Oh dear, this all sounds horrible! I can't believe how much work you guys did to get this right... and then clean it all up. You poor things! But good for you for persevering!!!

  2. Great blog post. We bloggers find the most amazing things to blog about. Thank goodnes we didn't get any busted pipes, although the water did freeze a free times.


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