Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back in the swing of things

I keep feeling a nudge to post something here about the devastation in Haiti, but there are really no words. Donate if you can and pray for the people of Haiti and those who are there giving aid.

We’ve had an interesting start to 2010. Nothing earth shattering but just a series of things. The three humans in the house have taken turns having one illness or another. Mister D. had another ear infection, Amber had some kind of respiratory thing and I’ve been experiencing frequent headaches which is pretty odd for me. I suppose a trip to the eye doctor may be necessary if it continues.

This sweet little guy and his furry feline friend have both spent overnights at the vet. (That deck has since been painted a lovely dark brown! It really has!)


Chuck apparently ate something rotten and got an intestinal infection. The symptoms of this are not something I really want to spend a lot of time talking about, but take my word that it was not pleasant for either of us. He spent two nights at the vet on an I.V. to get healed and rehydrated. Poor baby! He’s doing great now, but it was a little scary. Luckily there was no foreign object in there holding things up. Why people think it’s okay to throw food scraps onto the adjoining property is beyond me!


Sweet Pea is at the vet this morning to be picked up later. Two weeks ago, she had a nasty abscess on her jaw which drained and healed. Just when we thought she was recovered, it popped up again so off to the vet she went. The chances of having something in there making the infection reappear was probable so vet went in, cleaned it out, and stitched it back up. No foreign objects there, either, so we could probably have gotten by with a course of antibiotics, but you never know. It turned out that the infection was so bad that it had gone through to the inside of her mouth. Poor baby! We feel like bad, bad kitty parents.


In addition, the vacuum cleaner and the can opener both died and had to be replaced. You know I can’t go a day without vacuuming!  Ha!  

I’ve been getting a little sewing in this week and have been practicing my knitting. I’ll have pictures later as I’m positive you need to see my 4 by 12 inch piece of amateur knitting:)


  1. lovely glad they are doing better

  2. Poor Chuck and Sweet Pea! Sounds like they've been through the ringer lately. They look soooo sweet. Glad to hear you guys are all getting better.


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