Saturday, December 26, 2009

She did it…

I’m talking about The Pioneer Woman. I mean, her site is awesome enough but then she started giving away cool stuff.

Stuff like this:


No, I didn’t win one, but that got me thinking that my mom had a Kitchen Aid mixer for years and years until a beater broke and it was so old it couldn’t be replaced.  A lot of goodness came from that mixer.

Then we made some of this:

candyand the whole time I was muttering to myself, “This sure would be a lot easier if I had a Kitchen Aid mixer.” Okay, I probably didn’t mutter. I’m sure I said it out loud to anyone within earshot.

A few days later I declared to Amber, “I’m not making candy next year without a Kitchen Aid mixer!”  Please understand that when I declare something, I mean it. I save declarations for the important things in life.

Well, that whole declaring thing must work, because look what ole Santa Claus brought me! Yippee!

I was surprised and happy! After all, my new sewing machine was supposed to have been my gift. I love Santa!

Mr. D. made his special breakfast (eggs, sausage and hash browns) and I whipped up some waffles with the help of my new … all together now … Kitchen Aid mixer! I’ve never been happier to make waffles in my life.

Thanks, Ree and Santa Claus!

May your day be waffle happy:)

(I added the waffle recipe from to my Dotty Jane Extras blog. The best waffles I’ve ever made!)


  1. I have a pistachio-colored Kitchen Aid that is the joy of my kitchen.... Congratulations on your new toy!

  2. Lucky you! I have a red one, not new w/ the glass bowl, but I love it! I know you will, too.

    Now, can I tell you a trick on those great waffles? Larry's mom makes waffles every Sunday for lunch, it does not matter who's coming, from the preacher on down! Her fluffy waffles are the best, and she beats her egg whites to stiff peaks. She folds them in to the batter (scratch made) and does not over-mix them in, or over-cook them, either.
    These are so-o good, we are dissappointed if we find out she's not making waffles!
    Try it! She serves them with peanut butter and hot maple syrup, or butter and jelly, yum!

  3. Aw man, you are so lucky! I have wanted one of those for years. You are going to LOVE it. What a fun way to break in your new gift. I am definitely going to try that recipe, maybe for a New Year's brunch. Yay for you!

  4. Nice!! I should bring my MIL's home at some point. It's not being used and I may even like it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet another TN blogger.

  5. Love this post. Kitchen Aid mixers are the best, aren't they? My mom has one and I'm going to talk her into loaning it to me (I need it for my etsy shop!)

    plus, I can use it for cooking if I want to!

  6. yay, yay, and yay!!!! kitchenaids rock! Congrats on your awesome new gift!

  7. I *heart* my kitchenaid mixer... If I'm home I use it...

    Came across your blog through a post on the the MSQCo board.

    We're neighbors... I'm from TN, too!



  8. AHA !
    So YOU got the red one !


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