Sunday, December 20, 2009

An early Christmas present


Ashley and the C man were here for 5 days! I realized when they were leaving that I didn’t have a picture of them so we snapped this one in the rain. They are relocating from VA to Denver and we were glad to get them for a few days. It was quite an exciting house with five people, five dogs and two cats!

This turned out to be a dog post instead of a people post.

Meet Mikey:


and Dew:


and Tito:


Yes, they’re all Chihuahuas! Mikey and Dew came from different litters but have the same daddy and Tito is the big brother by adoption:)

Add Maggie to the mix:


She and Mikey loved to tug:)

Then there’s Chuck showing his happy face because he’s getting lots of attention:


The three amigos! Dew is the shy one but he got the toy and is trying to keep it. Back off Mikey!

The three amigos

They will do anything for treats! That’s Amber doling out the goodies.dogs dressed up2

Poor Tito wasn’t happy with his winter coat and boots. I don’t think he moved from that spot for the 5 minutes he had them on!

dogs dressed up

Maggie loves the C man! She took her dress back from Mikey:)

Maggie and C

(In case you noticed, there are kitchen appliances in the living room, missing trim and lots of throw rugs everywhere. We are remodeling and everything is in a mess! The only part of the kitchen that’s intact is the sink and dishwasher…for now.)

Maggie was exhausted when the cousins left. But it was worth it:)



  1. Cute doggies. Even have their own doggie pillow. Great.

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks so fun! How nice to see your kids AND the animals. They are all so adorable. I didn't know chihuahuas came in so many colors and varieties, especially Tito with the long hair. I especially love Maggie's expression at the end of the visit!

  3. maggie must me a carin terrior!!! she is very sweet. ruby would LOVE her. they are such CUTE dogs!!! ruby has such a fun sweet little personality and she is a blessing to us. thanks for sharing maggie!!!!


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