Friday, November 27, 2009

Sew and Tell Fridays

I managed to finish a couple of small items for my Etsy shop this week while I was playing “capable assistant” to Mr. D as he cussed slaved over the plumbing in our upstairs bathroom. My sewing space is only 5 steps away from said bathroom and it was logical to be productive while waiting for instructions, right? Besides, the fabric was calling me. You all know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, skip on over to amylouwho’s blog to see what others have worked on this week. (Apparently, I’m a day late, since Amy did a Thanksgiving day post. That’ll teach me for not paying closer attention!)

Set of four quilted Christmas Coasters


I love to work with little pieces and these strips were 1 inch wide. Fun!

Quilted Christmas Potholder



I’ll let you know how that bathroom project’s going. At the moment the toilet is sitting in an adjacent room and there’s a hole in the floor exposing the new PVC pipe. Today we play with copper tubing and a torch!


  1. These look great! I to love to work with small project. The gratification is quicker.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the little Christmas coasters! How cute! Your post reminds me of the "This Old House" we watched last night! LOL

  3. Very good time management. They look great.

  4. Those are cute - and I may steal your idea...I am so behind on Christmas stuff that I need quick things to do...

    I am so behind this year.

  5. OOOH! Love the coasters and pot holder. These will need to go in the idea folder. ... I so get the hand man of the house syndrome.... does he say 'but I enjoy doing it myself' both before and afer the bouts of creative descriptions of what the pipes can do?

  6. These are adorable! I love the Christmas colors.

  7. these are such a great idea....

  8. I love these! I might have to make some. :)

  9. so cute! I love how those came out! Always glad to meet a fellow middle Tennessean :)

  10. Great coasters and pot holders. Thanks for sharing.


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