Thursday, October 15, 2009

More wonkiness and a giveaway

I’ve been making a lot of random “wonky” blocks lately and I wanted to make an actual project instead of just playing and practicing.


This will be a table runner if I can get rid of my quilting block (no pun intended). I’m really stumped on how this should be quilted.

Here’s a close-up of one block. I’m happy with it.


The back I have made up is negotiable because I don’t know how any quilting on the front will look on the back. Maybe it’s just too busy. Or maybe I over think things a little.


I may just scrap this back and go with a solid so I don’t have to worry about it. Can you tell I’m a beginner at this? It’s no wonder I get so little done…too many decisions!

If any of you wonderful quilters out there happen to read this and have a suggestion, I’m all ears!

I made a couple of coasters just for fun:)

coasters (2)

Now, you read through this whole thing to find out about a giveaway, didn’t you? (Thanks for hanging in there!) Today is my birthday and I thought it would be fun to give someone else a gift. So here’s the deal. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. If you blog about it in your blog, link back to me and leave me another comment, you’ll get another entry! I’ll randomly choose someone from the comments to win this tote, made by me:

pinktote6 pinktote2

Since this is such a new little blog and to make things more interesting, if there are more than 20 comments I’ll throw in a little something extra for the winner:)

This giveaway will officially end midnight Sunday, October 18 and we’ll see who wins on Monday. Good luck and happy commenting!


  1. Hi! I was actually just going to comment on the table runner! I like having the quilted side you made because then it could be reversible! Great fall colors!

    I hope you get more comments for your givaway! I have been thinking about doing one and I am afraid I wouln't get many people to enter. The tote is really cute :)

  2. I like the wonky table runner, and the pink themed purse. Very good for a beginner. Looks like professional work to me.

  3. OMG I love that tote and the table runner is awesome! I wouldn't have guessed you were a beginner at all. I like the reversible feature for sure. You are so darn talented!!;-)



  4. This is a great wonky star tablerunner! I love the colors for fall, kinda like candy corn colors. I love the quilting that echos the shape of the stars used on flickr at this link:

  5. Your wonky blocks look great...hmmm think I'll try some.

  6. I really love the tote. I've been seeing tons of pink items, specifically for breast cancer awareness, and this is definitely a beautifully appropriate item.

    Love the blocks! We all need some 'wonk' from time to time, spice things up. ;D

    Thank you for following my blog!

  7. Oh gosh. Happy Birthday! I love the colors of the quilt. Orange is my love right now. And the bag is sooo cute! Pink is always in with me.

  8. Happy Birthday!!
    The table runner is beautiful and the back is great. I don't think any quilt design would look bad on it. If you're worried, you could make the back into a table runner all by itself. Of course, then you have to decide on two quilting designs! I've been quilting 18 years and I still have the most trouble just making decisions.

  9. Happy Day of course! I just learned to do the "wonky" stars from my teacher Helen. She is doing a small project and is loving the look of the stars!
    Very cute.
    Love the little bag too!

  10. I've always admired people who made quilts, I tried it once and realized it was very time intensive ! But the results are so lovely ! The feminine pink tote bag is absolutely gorgeous. Good luck on your giveaway and may your birthday be a joyous and splendid one. :D

  11. happy belated birthday! don't put me in for the giveaway, just wanted to comment on your quilt in progress. very fun. I LOVE the back. are you hand quilting or doing it by machine? If machine, then you're overthinking it - that back is perfect. If by hand, then eek, there are a lot of seams there and I'd go with one piece of fabric. (and then use that back as a FRONT on a different project.

  12. Happy Birthday!
    How sweet of you to celebrate with your blog visitors!
    That tote is just adorable (and the pink is perfect for October's breast cancer awareness).
    Your table runner is looking gorgeous. I love the retro colors. I think the patchwork style backing would look fantastic. Don't overthink it.


  13. YOur Patchwork is just lovely!

    keep up the beautiful work


  14. That runner will be great for Thanksgiving!

  15. Happy Birthday! I love your tote! And the table runner is shaping up beautifully. :) or

  16. Happy birthday! That tote is pretty!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  17. Happy Birthday...think you need to celebrate for at least a week! I'm in awe of your quilting...I've only ever done crazy quilting as I'm not very good with getting sewing neat and straight!

  18. I got it quite a while ago and finally found the time to tell you...

    IT IS AMAZING!! Love it so so so so sooooo much!!! It's just perfect! I am ready to show it off to my friends. The extra matching case inside is just the icing on this pretty cake. It's one of the best item's I've ever won.

    Thank you so very much for this, it's perfect.

    I'll be seeing you around the blogosphere!


  19. I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for visiting my blog:)



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