Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IBOL Chapter 2

Take one soldier in Iraq, add one really, really good idea and a friendly horde of blogging quilters with stashes of fabric and what do you get? Almost 3000 boxes of sewing supplies in a warehouse with more on the way! Said soldier is now scratching his head in wonderment and contemplating the delivery of these bundles. Check out this video. Oh, and please check out the blog.

A week ago there were only 120 or so boxes in this space. Now there are 2889. The last day to send a box was September 8th. Any predictions on the final total? I'll keep you updated.

Once more, a great big fat thank you to Major Art and his really, really good idea!


  1. small world indeed! came to see sewquiltpiecefula nd moranartsandquitls featured on your blog and here you are talking about IBOL guy! I sent 1 package off as I found out a couple of days before the deadline.
    Our military rocks!

  2. I'm glad you got in on it. Yep, our military does rock! Thanks for the comment:)


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